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How do you write an Executive assistant resume? When looking for Executive assistant resume you can always download and use this one.

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A resume is an overview commonly submitted by an applicant in the hiring process for a job. It includes information about the educational and employment background, as well as skills, certifications, and qualifications. So, like in this example, when you are applying for a job as an Executive Assistant, then you definitely need to hand one in with your CV.

What to highlight in an Executive Assistant resume?

The following items are important when you make a resume:

  • Mention your leadership qualities: CEOs want an executive assistant who shows initiative, identifies problems, and solves them before they ever make it to the boss’s desk. If you've ever held a management role, then list it on your resume.
  • Project Management and Event planning: Executive assistants often have to plan meetings, conferences, and even parties. Highlight the times you have run a project or event. The skills required to do so include organization, time management, multi-tasking, resourcefulness, fine attention to detail, and follow-through –all the skills that make a great executive assistant.
  • Knowledge of technology: You’re familiar with software like Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, but are you certified? Include any relevant software that you know can set you apart from the competition. Maybe the company has a blog and its president regularly posts. If you’re knowledgeable on WordPress, you can do it for him! List any technical skills you have that show you understand the importance of keeping current with the latest methods to run an efficient office.
  • Keep your resume concise: Most employers only take a few seconds to read a resume, so the last thing you need is a resume with mounds of text. Just follow these rules of thumb
    • Shoot for two pages at maximum.
    • Focus on skills and work examples that directly address what the job needs.
    • Limit your work history to the last 10 years (unless you’re applying to a job that specifically requests more than 10 years’ experience).
    • Use punchy phrases and bullet points rather than complete sentences.
  • Keywords are key: Employers will inspect your resume for important keywords that relate to the job, and so will applicant tracking systems (ATS) that recruiters use to scan resumes. To make sure you’re covered on keywords, go through the job description and find phrases and words that spell out what the job requires, including specific tasks, as well as hard and soft skills. Then find experiences and skills of your own that match these keywords, and include them throughout your resume.
  • Keep your layout straightforward: You may be tempted to “dress up” your resume using fancy graphics, charts and striking fonts. But doing so runs the risk of confusing recruiters as well as ATS scans. When in doubt, it’s always best to go with a straightforward, easy-to-read design. The one thing you don’t want is employers being unable to find the content they’re looking for because they’re thrown off by unusual fonts or images. For more expert advice on resume layouts, see our special section How to Design a Resume. To make extra sure your layout is employer-ready, you can also base your resume on an expert-designed template.

  • Don’t use too much jargon: You might want to prove you’re a seasoned professional who knows all the lingo, but loading your resume with too many acronyms and specialized terms can work against you, especially if your resume is being reviewed by a recruiting manager who might not be familiar with the job. If the job posting features a technical term or acronym (e.g., “PostgreSQL” for a software engineer position), you’re probably safe to use it; otherwise, spell out your jargon (e.g., “proficient in government-off-the-shelf (GOTS) software”)

    After downloading this sample resume and filling in the blanks, you can easily customize the style, typography, details, and appearance of your Executive assistant resume. If this isn't the right resume that you are looking for, then certainly take a look at the other letters that Bizzlibrary.com has to offer. We have many letters ranging from cover letters to business letters and thank you notes.

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