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Leave request letter template

Download this leave request due to the illness/virus letter template from Bizzlibrary. From this sample letter, you can write your problem that fits your needs.

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In our daily lives, we are often confronted with uncertainty, especially during the unprecedented crisis. At times like these, we have to be flexible and be prepared to change our habits and expectations. While many things remain outside your control, our mindset is key to coping with difficult circumstances and facing the unknown. It's possible you consider not to go to work, due to a simple cough. Where under normal circumstances, you would not think about it to let your company down, you might consider working from home until you get better. In such a situation, it's best to write a leave request due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

How do I ask my boss for a leave request due to disease?

After that's arranged, it's important you get the necessary healthcare. It's recommended to avoid contact and follow all the safety precautions. Make sure you take all the time off to heal and get better, probably in quarantine. It will mainly depend on the seriousness of the infection for how long you will stay away, but make sure to take at least 14 days quarantine (or more if the provides new directions).

One of the first things you have to do is to inform your work and business relations about this issue, so they can take the necessary precautions. This letter will help you to report the Coronavirus infection to your work. If you have a doctor's note, please attach it to this letter. Please understand that if you are writing a false leave letter, this may create trouble directly for you at your work. The impact of crisis situation can be felt and requires serious actions.

When requesting sick leave due to crisis, follow these instructions:

  1. Write in a neutral tone, and formal, this business correspondence might be saved in your file and it’s probably not only your boss that will receive it;
  2. Follow the standard business letter format;
  3. Provide the date when the letter is sent;
  4. Start your letter with an appropriate salutation and address the letter to your boss;
  5. In the body of the letter, provide main content;
  6. Describe the reason: mention very briefly it's due to coronavirus, it’s not necessary to go into all the details;
  7. Estimate the date(s) of your absence; providing an estimate of the days you will need to recover (7-21 days), it doesn’t have to be 100% accurate, but providing an outlook will be helpful;
  8. Consider setting up a phone call to discuss with your boss how to deal with important tasks in the coming work week;
  9. Mention if you have any documentation;
  10. Suggest how you will handle pending tasks;
  11. Apologize at the end of the letter, it is not your fault you are sick, you tried hard to prevent getting virus infection, but it's a serious outbreak and can happen to everyone;
  12. Be clear but concise. Then, end with a professional closing and your signature;
  13. Include your contact information.

Please note this template is provided for guidance only. Wish you will be healthy soon!

If you are an employee that is looking for a leave letter from the office, check out this decent sick leave letter template.

Due to the difficult circumstances that come with the current pandemic, or when you found to have contracted the illness yourself, or a close family member, it is best to go in quarantine directly. In case employees are requesting leave related to the coronavirus disease, this is the best scenario to prevent other staff from falling into illness as well. When you are tested positive for viral infection, you have not much time to arrange things. 

Download this Leave request due to the letter template (Coronavirus leave letter) and write it so it can fit your personal situation and that fits your needs!

There are several ways to apply for leave. Find some here:

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Bernd D(11/4/2020)

Thanks, good leave letter.

Nico D(10/26/2020)

Unfortunatly I got sick, and we were not sure it was Covid. But I used this letter, which was very helpful to me. Now I'm awaing the test results.

Bred D.(9/4/2020)

Many thanks. Reduced the amount of work.

Jeroen B.(9/4/2020)

Thanks, very useful leave letter.

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