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Download this Leave request due to COVID-19 letter template (Coronavirus leave letter) and write it so it can fit to your personal situation and that fits your needs!

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How do I ask my boss for a leave request due to COVID-19 disease?

After that's arranged, it's important you get the necessary healthcare. It's recommended to avoid contact and follow all the safety precautions. Make sure you take all the time off to heal and get better, probably in quarantine. It will mainly depend on the seriousness of the infection for how long you will stay away, but make sure to take at least 14 days quarantine (or more if the CDC/WHO provides new directions).

One of the first things you have to do it to inform your work and business relations about this issue, so they can take the necessary precautions. This letter will help you to report the Coronavirus infection to your work. If you have a doctor's note, please attach it to this letter. Please understand that if you are writing a false leave letter, this may create trouble directly for you at your work. The impact of COVID-19 can be felt and requires serious actions.

Please note this template is provided for guidance only. Wish you will be healthy soon!

If you are an employee that is looking for a leave letter from the office, check out this decent sick leave letter template.

Due to the difficult circumstances that come with the current pandemic, or when you found to have contracted the COVID-19 illness yourself, or a close family member, it is best to go in quarantine directly. In case employees are requesting leave related to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), this is the best scenario to prevent other staff from falling into illness as well. When you are tested positive for COVID-19 infection, you have not much time to arrange things. 

Download this Leave request due to the COVID-19 letter template (Coronavirus leave letter) and write it so it can fit your personal situation and that fits your needs!

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