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Condolence Speech on Death of Colleague

How do you start a condolence speech? Download this Condolence speech on the death of a colleague right now for free from our website.

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A condolence speech is made when someone loses their loved ones or goes through some heavy loss. In condolence speech, you pay your sympathies to a person and try to calm them through your kind words. Condolence must be made to show to the person that you also can feel their pain and hence that person is not alone in the journey of hardships. Most of the time, condolence speeches are made to calm a person and encourage him to not lose hope in times of hardships. Tell them that you stand with them through every thick and thin. 

How do you start a condolence speech?

Condolence speeches are usually short and compact.  It is not recommended at all that you write a lengthy condolence speech. Since the person is going through a lot, the only purpose of your speech should be to make him calm somehow. Here are some steps for you to draft a short speech. 

  1. Outline the structure of the speech
  2. Highlight the main idea of speech
  3. Polish the words until you have achieved the level of satisfaction with what you have and what you need
  4. Practice the speech and use the motivating and encouraging tone

Follow these steps to draft a short speech. The tone of your speech should be encouraging and fruitful for the person. Try to stay honest with what you say to the affected person. Choose real words. It would be best if you make the person calm through the reality-based facts. Below are attached some sample condolence speeches for your help and ease. 

Sample Condolence speech on the death of colleague:

Bad times do not inform us before coming. Sometimes, it gets difficult for a person to come up with a condolence speech. That is why we are here to help you out in those urgent times. Here is attached a sample condolence speech for your help and ease. 

In the name of GOD, today I am standing next to my friend who is no more with us, lying in his/her coffin. I never ever expected that I would be having this day in my life but that’s what life is. It is unpredictable, uncertain, what we expect and what we face. I and (Friend’s name) were school/college friends. 

He was a wonderful employee who understood the meaning of the word "team." He was always more focused on the good of the company and the department than on his own benefit. He made many great contributions to the company and helped it move forward in numerous ways. His work here will not soon be forgotten.

 I am so sorry for your loss. While He and I were simply colleagues, he was incredibly kind, and I always enjoyed speaking with him. His presence will be missed. My thoughts are with you and your family.

Download this Condolence speech on the death of a colleague right now for free from our website. Share it with your colleagues in need. If you think that this sample speech does not fulfill your criteria and needs, then head to the main page. We have a lot of content that will suit your needs and requirements. We are also up for your valuable feedback. In case of any queries, reach out to us via the feedback section and we’ll get back to you. 

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