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How do I write a Rental Verification Letter? How do you use a Rental Verification Letter? When looking for a Rental Verification Letter, surely have a look at this one.

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A Rental Verification Letter is a letter from a landlord verifying a tenant character, rent amount, and providing confirmation that the tenant is indeed renting from the landlord. 

How do I write a Rental Verification Letter?

A Rental Verification Letter provides someone with information they need regarding to a tenant renting a property. The letter is used as proof that a tenant is under a rental lease agreement with the landlord. This is very common if a tenant is now applying for his/her own house or the tenant is looking to rental another place. See below for some guidelines when writing a Rental Verification Letter.

  • The letter must include a subject, most subjects will be "To whom it may concern"
  • The full name of the tenant must be stated.
  • The physical location and the apartment or unit name, if any, should be stated.
  • The start and expiry date of the contract should be stated. 
  • Payment terms must be stated. 
  • The tenant character must be mention.
  • The landlord signature must be present.

See below for our free sample Rental Verification Letter:

Rental Verification Letter 

Dear {{Name}}, 

This is to let you know that {{name of the tenant}} is a tenant at one of our apartment units, {{name of apartment or rental unit}} that is located in {{physical address of the apartment unit}}.

{{He/she}} has been our tenant since {{start date of the tenancy}} and {{his/her}} tenancy is due to expire on {{when the current contract is to expire}}. Presently, {{he/she}} parts with {{monthly rental payment/obligations}} for the {{sheer size of the rental unit}} {{he/she}} resides in.

Overall, {{he/she}} has been well-mannered and responsible. Even though {{he/she}} has remitted the dues past the deadline several times, {{he/she}} has always endeavored to explain in advance and let us in the know.

We wish {{him/her}} all the best in your subsequent dealings with you.

Yours sincerely,

After downloading this free sample Rental Verification Letter, you can easily customize the style, typography, details, and appearance of your Rental verification letter. If this isn't the right document that you are looking for, then certainly take a look at the other letters and files on

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