Wallstreet Cheat Sheet

Into Crypto, Stocks or Forex? This is the Wall street Cheat sheet proves the psychology of people don't change. Download this Wallstreet Cheatsheet here.

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The first thing you need to get started with day trading is to study the internet for useful resources to make your Trading plan. Studying the herd and market movement is a very useful way to invest your time, in order to become successful.

How to use the Wallstreet Cheatsheet?

The Wall Street Cheatsheet explains the psychology of a market cycle. We see this same pattern over and over and over again. It is a very useful tool when you are trading Forex, Bitcoin, Nikkei, Dow Jones, Nasdaq, Stocks, Penny stocks, Oil, Gold, Bitcoin, Altcoins, etc. It doesn't matter which market you do, most trends follow the cycles according to the market cycles in this cheat sheet.

This means all cycles will come up, and go back down. Make a trading plan. This is the way to think when you are investing and plan your exit strategy. 

5 mistakes for beginning traders:

  1. Don't make a trading plan with feasible goals and exit strategy
  2. Start using your own trading directly with real money
  3. Not necessarily blunt follow a successful trader, that is not the easiest way
  4. Don't invest all your money at once in the beginning
  5. Study the market and stock

Download this Wallstreet Cheatsheet PowerPoint slide here for your reference.

More information: http://wallstreetcheatsheet.com.

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John Garver(5/9/2022)

Very good

Toka Phetetso Molapo(2/22/2022)

Very helpful

Richard Dennis(12/4/2021)

Works very well

Benjamin van der Ree(9/27/2021)

Go Bizzlibrary

James Gibson(9/16/2021)

Thanks for this great info!!

Adrian G(9/14/2021)

Great resolution let me print a nice color copy.

Cristopher Marsh(4/18/2021) - USA

You have really helped me so much,, I have now enough food for thought.

Patrick L(4/18/2021)

Very good information, especially with the current crypto bullmarket

Kina Schroeder(1/22/2021) - NZL

actually this file is really what I was looking for

Tyson Chambers(1/22/2021) - USA

Great website

Analisa Conway(1/22/2021) - GBR


Zada Martinez(1/22/2021) - DEU

High quality file!

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