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Is a cover letter important for job application? We tell you the best writing tips and provide a great sample of a job application cover letter.

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A job application cover letter is a letter that contains all your personal traits, educational or academic achievements, as well as job experiences. This letter includes the most skills and expertise that are relevant to the job that you are applying for. It showcases your abilities and you must write it in such a way that it differentiates you from the others applying to the same job. Furthermore, this letter also presents how many similarities you have with the company for whose job you are applying to. Writing about your expertise and achievements is a must to write in a job letter. Try to show a resemblance to your goals with that of the company’s requirements of the specified posts. Here in this context, we will teach you how can you write an Impressive job letter.

Is cover letter important for job application?

Follow the below-mentioned writing tips to make an impressive and effective job application letter:

  1. Highlight your abilities: While writing a job letter, make sure to include your skills and expertise in a highlighted manner. Since this part becomes a major factor deciding factor whether you will be selected or not. 
  2. Be concise: if you write a lot of irrelevant detailed information about yourself, this may become a negative point while getting yourself selected for the job. So, make sure you are as concise as one can be. 
  3. Proofread the letter (at least 2 times): Sometimes, there might occur some terrible mistakes in the letter which you are not aware of. So, getting rid of those errors is important for you to delete that fault. For this purpose, you can re-read the letter, proofread, and edit it to get it ready in the best way.
  4. Date: Mention the date the letter is written.
  5. Error-free: make sure the letter is error-free.
  6. Your personal Information: You need to write your name and email address at the top of the letter. this email address doesn’t mean to be your postal address. Instead, it should be for virtual contact purposes. Make sure that the email you attach in your cover letter looks professional. One of the best options of a professional email address is to write your personal name in the address instead of any other irrelevant name. There are many email online websites, in case you don’t have an email, you can always create a free email account on the respective professional websites.
  7. Company’s recipient: After writing your personal mail, write the company’s address and subject. The subject of a cover letter decides and reflects what the letter is about. So make sure to be professional in creating a first impression.
  8. Mention the purpose of the letter: In the next step, you must mention why are you sending this letter. it includes the job details for which you are writing the letter.
  9. List your qualifications and achievements: Make sure you properly relate your qualifications and experience with the current job you are applying to. This really makes a good impression of yours in front of your expected boss.
  10. Why you are a perfect fit for the job: You must write why you are the perfect fit for the job. This part serves the most in getting you selected for the interview.
  11. Write acknowledgments: In the conclusion of the letter, thank them for providing a chance to apply for the job. Pay your regards and write for the hopes you have from the company.
  12. Signature: Place a handwritten signature.

Samples of Job Application Letter:

We are providing you the professional job application samples. You can have a look and use whatever line you may require. Below are attached some sample lines for the job application letter:


This part includes the address, line by line, with the proper dates.


Here are mentioned some introductory lines.  These lines include the purpose of your letter. You can choose any of these sample lines for your ease.

  • Focusing on the issue at hand is my specialty. A professional, fast-paced, structures and the team-oriented environment is the setting I thrive in. If you are looking for someone who is flexible, professional, creative, and a great team member in your organization, I am confident that I fit your requirement.
  • Please accept this as my job application and supporting material for the post in your prestigious organization. I am confident that my academic qualifications and past job experience have prepared me well for the challenges this position offers.
  • I am currently looking for a job that would extensively make use of my competencies and capabilities. I have been employed by one of the fast-growing companies in {{Country Name}}.
  • I am interested in exploring the possibility of seeking employment with your organization, please find my resume enclosed with the details relevant to my experience, skills, and education, References or any other information you require shall be promptly upon your request.

Body/main text:

Body text is the most important feature of any letter’s content. This part serves to be the deciding part in a job letter for whether you are getting a job.

  • If you are seeking a supervisor/manager who stays abreast of his field, who understands the challenges, who earns 100% staff support, and who is as career-committed as it takes to achieve total success, then please consider what I have to offer. I would be happy to have a preliminary discussion with you or members of your committee to see if we can establish a mutual interest. I have attached my resume for your kind perusal. If you agree that my qualifications are a close fit for your needs, I would be delighted to meet with you for a personal interview. In the meantime, you may reach me at {{Contact and Address}}. I look forward to our conversation. I will call you within the week to answer any initial questions you may have.
  • A brief review of my CV will highlight the strong match between my qualifications and your position. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss my background, education, and past working experience with you, I am available at your convenience to discuss my candidacy in greater detail. Thank you for your consideration.
  • I would like to apply for a suitable position in your company because I know I am capable of being an asset to you. I communicate well both in oral and written English and I am confident to say that I am a people person. Although the business, organizations, and companies in Dubai are very different from what I have been used to in India, given the ample time and information, I am positive that I can easily learn. I am very well oriented, and I make specific and timed goals whether set by the company or the management or by me. Regardless of who set them, I put all effort into making sure that these goals are met within the specific time frameset. I can easily adapt and work in different environments. With my qualifications, I believe, I am well-suited to work in your company. Attached herewith is my CV for your assessment and kind perusal. You can reach me on my mobile, which is written in my CV.
  • I have over {{Number of years}} years of experience in {{relative field}}. I possess a strong work ethic and I am ambitious. I was hired as a {{Job post Name}} at a prominent company. I have excellent writing skills and the ability to find innovative solutions and ideas. I am a quick learner. I am a people person. I love working in a team and on my own. I thrive in a competitive environment. I am highly flexible & I can adapt to the demands of a highly competitive and demanding industry. The objective is to obtain a challenging position in a reputed organization, an organization that recognizes dedication, devotion, and achievements with ample opportunities for advancement in my skills and experience.
  • As my resume indicates, I have established a sound educational history encompassing a variety of diverse environments. I possess excellent interpersonal skills accompanied by the ability to relate effectively to a multitude of individuals on all levels of intellect. My work ethic founded on a “what-ever-it-take” attitude and diligent persistence to ensure all projects are completely fulfilled to the utmost ability. I would now like to contribute and utilize my skills in your organization, realizing that it is not always easy to evaluate a person from a summary statement, I would appreciate the chance to discuss employment with you in an interview.

Complimentary close:

Always write acknowledgments to the recipient for getting a chance to apply in a job application as well as compliment them for taking some time out and reading your job application.

  • Thank you for your attention to these materials. I certainly look forward to exploring this further.
  • Anticipating a favorable response from you at the earliest regarding the same. Please find the attached CV below.
  • Thank you very much for your time and consideration.
  • Please feel free to call me on my mobile number or email me I look forward to our meeting. Thank you for your time and consideration.
  • Thank you for this initial consideration, I look forward to meeting you soon.


Download this sample cover letter for free from our website. You can use and edit these documents for free after downloading it in Microsoft Word format. If these letters are not according to your situation and needs, then please head on to our website for more condolence letters.

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