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Bullying Complaint Letter

If you experience non-stop bullying on the work floor then its important to get help. Adequately address harassment to your manager and file a complaint.

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If you experience non-stop continuous bullying on the work floor, then it's important that you get help. A step in the right direction is to adequately address this harassment to your manager firstly.

How to write a complaint letter to your boss or HR manager regarding bullying on the work floor?

You must firstly make sure you put your experiences into a letter of grievance to your manager or to your employer's Human Resources Department. Sample content for your letter could be:

I am writing you this letter to complain about the continuous bullying from my colleague. There is no only so much that I can tolerate. I feel totally depressed and frustrated with the harsh treatment that I have to deal with every day. Describe in detail what is happening. Mention dates, places, names, or anything to support your case and clear the situation.  I used to come to the office with excitement and joy but now I am terrified and consistently worried, which is drastically affecting my performance. I urge you to deal with this serious matter in a top priority fashion and find a permanent and satisfactory solution to this problem. I am putting my faith in you.
When you are writing such a letter to your boss or HR manager, it's important that you emphasize those elements you consider bullying and cite the wording exactly. This is important, so the discussion can be held effectively.
Download this complaint letter to your company directly if you are in this situation. Don't wait, it's an important topic and it needs to stop.

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