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What is a biography? How to draft a short and concise biography? Download this Biography Template here and write the perfect one.

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Life is a story, and some of the stories can make a great impact. Such stories are worth sharing!

What is a biography?

A biography is simply a story of the life of a real person. It could be someone still alive, someone who lived centuries ago, someone world famous, an unsung hero forgotten by history, or even a unique group of people, and also commonly a story about events and situations in a person's life, written by someone other than that person. Often, people write biographies about historical or public figures. Biography is more about famous people or ordinary people doing exciting things. They usually focus on a person's life and how they contribute to the world. The word "biography" means "writing of life": the two halves of the word are derived from the medieval Greek words "bios" for "life" and "graphia" for "writing". 

The facts of her life, from birth to death (or the author's present), are included, and life-changing moments often take center stage. Authors typically refer to the subject's childhood, adolescence, relationships, failures, and successes to create a comprehensive description of the subject. Creatures can contain almost any information about a person - their life or just a key event. Most biographies, regardless of their length and audience, provide basic facts such as when and where the person lived. But other, more complex details depend largely on the situation -- and the author.

A biography, or simply a biography, is a detailed description of a person's life. It's not just about basic facts like education, work, relationships, and death; it describes one's experience with these life events. Unlike a profile or CV (resume), a biography presents a person's life story, highlighting aspects of their life, including intimate details of experiences, and may include an analysis of that person's personality.

There are four types of Biographies: 

  1. Historical Fiction;
  2. Academic;
  3. Fictional Academic;
  4. Prophetic Biography.

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