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Are you looking for extension of your leave request due to an event? Download this sample leave request, ready to use after customization to your situation

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It can happen, that due to external misfortune that compromises your leave, you are forced to ask for extension of  your leave. Some of these take you down when you least expect it. Such external events that you did not forsee, require you to inform the people that you are not able to meet the current expectations. In case of your work, you need to write a Leave extension request to ask for extra days absence from your office. 

The general format for a leave extension letter:

The best form to write your leave extension application is to make it genuine, and properly detailed. You must include a properly detailed paragraph of your reason of extend in your request application. The way you write your application, and the intensity of reason will decide the approval or rejection of your letter request. There may be several reasons for postponement like illness, some personal issues, or alarming weather. Several ways can be adopted when you want to address your leave extension request to your boss/manager/supervisor. Some specific rules and features have been produced to write a qualified delay for the leave letter.

The most important details which must be included in a leave application for office are as follows:

  1. Name and address: you must include your name and personal address in the application.
  2. Letter’s subject: extension of leave is the subject.
  3. Your job designation: You must write your designation of the job and mention the department of your job posting.
  4. Previous ongoing Leave explanations: write a short paragraph of why you were on leave, and what's the reason you are forced to extend it.
  5. Letter body: This part includes all the detailed reason or reasons for why you are asking for a leave delay. And most of the time, it is a deciding paragraph for whether your leave delay request will be approved or not.
  6. Thank you note in the end, you must pay a greeting to your boss for considering your application.

Sample leave extension request:

Here is a sample leave postponement letter attached:

Dear Sir, Mrs,

This letter is to inform you that I had been on a fortnight leave for my marriage ceremony and honeymoon, I and was supposed to report at work on {{date}}. unfortunately, due to {{external circumstances}} leaving home with my newlywed wife is not possible.

I therefore request you to kindly grant me leave for {{number of days}} more days i.e. from {{starting date}} to {{end date}} so that the anger here in people can vent out and travelling can become safe.

Yours sincerely,

The letters provided by us are scanned by professionals and only then posted on our website for your ease. These letters are organized by professionals which you can easily download for free. Ready to submit these letters after little editing according to your structure/circumstances. If you don't like these templates, you can head towards our website to look for some other quality letters.

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