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When writing a complaint to car dealer, for receiving a faulty new vehicle, check out and download this sample Car complaint letter now.

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Buying a new car is not done without preparation. You make sure you know exactly which car you need for your family and how much money you can spend on one. It is therefore very annoying when you buy a car and find out that there is something wrong with it. That needs to be fixed as soon as possible and writing a letter to the company can help you solve this problem.

How do I write a car complaint letter to the unsatisfactory service?

In this case, we know you don't want to spend more time on the issue, but it’s good to take action and register a complaint about the situation. A complaint hopefully increases the quality and service level of the organization that caused the issue. When you are frustrated by issues caused due to a third party, in this case the car supplier, it's important to act swiftly after the problem was found. A good way is to start filing a formal complaint. When you want to start writing a complaint letter to a car dealer, because the car you bought has serious issues, you best to start simply stating the facts and explaining why the company should help you. On top of that you need to emphasize the time and effort you had to spend to solve the problems caused by them. Here’s an example letter that is written for a real scenario that a newly bought vehicle showed issues just after the purchase was made. In the first paragraph, put your problem and suggested a resolution. Then get on with the details.

Sample letter:

On {{date}}, I purchased a brand new {{car model and description}} (insert vehicle make, model, and registration number) at your store. 

Unfortunately, when driving the car I found it has not been satisfactory because (explain the problem: for example, it is leaking oil from the engine. If you have already taken the car back, state what action has been taken and what the results have been, for example, 'Your mechanic inspected my vehicle and agreed to fix the problem under warranty, however, when I collected the vehicle and started using it again, the problem was still there').

I would appreciate it if you could organize to (say what you want the dealer to do, for example, have the problem fixed/use another repairer to fix the problem) by (date). As I am sure you can appreciate, I rely on my car for transport, and apart from the inconvenience, this problem has also caused me to incur an additional cost (I have kept the receipts as proof).

I demand {{your demands}} as well as compensation for the waste of my time and money.

My expectations are high; please don’t disappoint me again. If, however, the matter is not satisfactorily resolved by (date), I will consider taking further action to resolve the complaint either through Consumer Protection or through the courts.

This Complaint letter comes in Microsoft Office format and is ready to be tailored to your personal needs. Based on a recent successful complaint to a car dealer/manufacturer, you can fully understand the problems that this has caused for the person. In the letter, they sum up the problem in a paragraph and spend also another paragraph the importance of getting your point across before the letter reader's eyes glaze over. You can add text, remove content that isn’t applicable, and change the look and formatting. In fact, anything you are able to do with one of your own documents, you can do with this one as well. This letter template is deliberately designed to be flexible so that it can be adjusted to your needs and preferences.

When writing a complaint to the car dealer, for receiving a faulty new vehicle, check out and download this sample Car complaint letter now. Therefore, we do not recommend you spend lots of precious time searching for a suitable complaint letter. 

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