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How to request for a Sabbatical Leave from work? Download this example of a Sabbatical Leave Request letter now for your reference.

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There could be many reasons why you want to apply for a sabbatical leave. Whether you need urgent leave for personal reasons, or you must help your family or friends with serious health issues, or to further your education, leaves are often granted for the right reasons. If you can be flexible and reasonable towards your organization, they will act towards that principle as well when you depend on it yourself.

How to request for a Sabbatical Leave from work?

A sabbatical leave is a prolonged leave of absence, often for personal reasons, that involves a long period absence from the work. Sabbatical leaves are usually granted to university professors and doctors after a certain period of continues service, but it is entirely possible for other type of professions to ask for one if the reasons are valid. If you wish to take up your annual leave, or vacation leave, that you probably have earned after a year or work, it's best to announce this well in advance. Also, it's important to coordinate the leave with other colleagues, so the urgent and important work will be done. Most companies allow their employees to receive credit for their earned leave on a (semi-)monthly basis, and the amount of leave days accrued is based on years of service. 

    When you write the vacation leave request, be clear about what you are asking for at the beginning of the letter, including being specific in the subject line. If you will be taking hours that you have already accumulated and are due to you, state that. Briefly describe the steps you have taken to notify colleagues or clients. Make use of our leave for a vacation letter template to help to come to a perfect personalized version. 
    Follow the following steps in order to get approval for your leave:
    • One of the first things to do is to check your companies' policy;
    • The objective of writing this letter is to request a period of leave for a temporary or permanent leave. It will mainly depend on the reason you apply for leave, whether or not you want to use a formal intonation. 
    • There are some companies that require an online form filled out and others accept an email. This leave for vacation request template could still help you out and you copy-paste the content in your email or form.
    • Make sure you request is complete with your dates of vacation and mention specifically it’s for vacation purpose.
    • Be sincere and polite in the letter.
    • Check your grammar and spelling of the content that you added.
    • Confirm if HR and your boss received (and read) it.
    • Return back to your position in time, if you want to be sure to avoid future problems.

    Request for Sabbatical Leave:

    Thank you for taking the time to meet with me on {{Date}}, {{Time}}. As we discussed, I would like to take a sabbatical leave for the period of {{number of months}} months. From period {{Start date}} till {{End date}}.

    The main reason is that I believe that in my {{Time}} here at {{Company}} I have contributed an ample number of accomplishments with extremely positive outcomes, such as: {{Example}} and {{positive outcome}}.

    It would greatly benefit me and my family if I can allocate more time the coming months to a few personal milestones. 

    During the sabbatical leave, I don’t expect to receive any salary. However, I would prefer to keep the company medical health insurance. Please let me know how we can arrange that. I have spoken with my direct colleagues, and we are able to make some arrangements, so our customers and partners will not feel the difference.

    After this sabbatical period, I would be glad to come back to pick up the same or similar line of work. I believe I have proven that I am a valuable team player. 

    In addition, I have great ideas that I believe I can implement going forward, including {{Idea and how to implement}}.

    I believe that my accomplishments, proven positive feedback, and thoughtful vision for my future here at {{Company}} can be beneficial for both of us. When I start with fresh energy, you can count on me that I will keep continuing delivering the desired results. 

    Depending on your job position and level of responsibility, you may want to state where you will be, whether or not you will be checking the phone, WhatsApp, WeChat, or email regularly, and how you can be reached in case of work emergencies. We support you by providing this sample Vacation Leave Letter template, which will save effort and help you merit your sabbatical leave approval.

    Download this sample Sabbatical Leave Request letter now for your reference.

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