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Letter of Intent Format

How do I write a Letter of intent? Download letter of intent format right now for help and ease.

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A letter of intent is a letter written from one business organization to another business organization for making some business dealings. This letter contains the legal communications necessary for two business organizations to communicate for business purposes. It can also be used for communication between two different departments of the same business. Only a business dealer and worker know the importance of a business letter. Here are mentioned some guidelines to write a letter of intent. Here is also attached a sample letter of intent for your help and ease. 

How do I write a Letter of Intent?

If you are new in business dealings and facing difficulty to draft a letter of intent (LOI), then these guidelines are written especially for you. 

  1. First of all, mention a date in the letter.
  2. Type the information of the sender on the top. 
  3. Add salutations.
  4. Then type out the actual content of the business letter in the body section.
  5. Close the letter properly after the necessary communications and contents.
  6. Do your signatures at the end of a business letter. 
  7. It is recommended for you to type the name of the sender, his/her personal information, and contact.
  8. Also mention a list of enclosures, only if it is required at a certain organization. 

These are some points to be remembered when writing out a letter. Now, a guideline becomes more effective if it is provided along with some examples. So, in the next section, a relevant example has been shared for you to embrace the above guidelines correctly. 

Sample letter of intent (LOI) format:

Here is written an example for you to understand the above guidelines clearly:

Dear {{Name of Recipient}},

{{Short introduction paragraph – indicate you are submitting this letter with the intent to do a specific action (purchase, partner, acquire, license, etc.). Indicate that the intent is based on the following conditions.}}

{{Define the specifics about the item behind the intent listing all pertinent variations of the item or supporting material. Provide an indication of your intent with respect to the liabilities.}}

{{Considerations – Propose what you are willing to provide as compensation or other as consideration for the specifics listed above. Be sure to define amounts, timing.}}

{{Provide conditions for the transaction. This may include conditions on due diligence, limitations on further seeking other interested parties or confidentiality.}}

{{Indicate that this letter is not an official offer and that all details would need to be negotiated and executed through a formal Purchase (or other) Agreement.}}

{{Indicate your expected timing for the transaction to take place assuming you were selected.}}


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