warning letter to employee sample template

Warning letter to employee sample

When writing a warning letter, check out and download this written warning for unsatisfactory job performance or late arrival by employee late attendance now.

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Unprofessional behavior in the workplace should never be permitted. If an employee, for example, doesn't arrive to work at the right time, then they need to know that you won't accept their lateness for long. A warning should be given to show them that a change is needed if they want to continue working at your company.

How to write a warning letter to employee for tardiness?

When you noticed that an employee is not respecting the procedures and rules prescribed by the company for their staff while carrying out their duties at the workplace, it's important to give a verbal and written warning. More specifically, when you find staff in violation of guidelines for Employees at Work Handbook, which was handed over to you during their onboarding procedure, they need to be properly informed and it must been registered in your HR systems.
Guidelines for writing a warning for tardiness to your employee:
  • Determine the reason for writing the warning. There will be an outcome for your warning, either you want to improve the employee's behavior or are you paving the groundwork for termination.
  • Discuss the situation with others at the management level so you can get some useful insights. Determine who will actually write the letter and who will deliver it.
  • You wrote a warning that could become a legal document, so you should always use formal guidelines. This will ensure that your written warnings are taken seriously and have the desired effect.
  • Violating company policy can lead to termination of employment. If you have an employee handbook, copy the policy or policies the employee broke and include it in your warning letter.
  • Make sure to include all of the important details in your description of the incident, including when it happened, what transpired, and who was involved. This will help ensure that your account is convincing and persuasive.

Warning letter to employee sample

It came to attention that you have not been reporting to the office on time as well as leaving early without prior notification or justification for time period.
We like to remind you that this behavior is a clear violation of the company policy. There is a well-defined procedure for taking time off. If you need to arrive late or leave early then you need to take approval from your direct manager before doing so unless it is an emergency. Please refer to the employee handbook for more details on how to apply for time off.
We ask you to make immediate changes to ensure full compliance with the company policies. Consider this as an official warning letter.
Looking forward to the punctual improved version of you.

Every essential piece is covered in this Warning letter employee late attendance template. Feel free to download our basic or advanced template designs. They are intuitive and are available in several different formats, such as PDF, WORD, XLS, etc. By downloading this Warning letter employee late attendance, you can immediately start with a strong basic message that you can use to create a perfect personalized version for your own. A warning letter should bring your point across quite firmly. This template will let you finish much more quickly than if you started from scratch. That leaves you with more time to focus on what really matters!

Download this Warning letter for tardiness employee late attendance template and let your employee know that you don't appreciate their behavior. Print out your Warning letter template now, in order to make sure you will grab your readers’ attention! Fast, safe and easy!

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