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How to write an income verification letter? Get your answers here and also download Income Verification Letter right now!

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An income verification letter is a document of proof that a person is working in a certain organization and generating a certain amount of money for his living. This letter is issued by the employer to the employee when he joins the workplace and shows the income of the person. Income verification letter is of two types; self-written verification letter and verification letter generated by the employer. But the basic information present in both types is the same. A self-written verification letter is written by the employer and then he takes the signature and stamp of the employer at the end. 

How to write an income verification letter?

Following is given the method of writing an income verification letter. 

  1. Write the complete name of the employee. 
  2. Write the working phone number and authentic email of the employee. 
  3. Write the name of the employer (if it’s an organization or educational institute)
  4. Mention the complete contact details of the employer, phone number, and authentic email design.
  5. Address the job title and designation of the employee, also mention the pay scale.
  6. Mention the nature of the job, if it is a full-time, part-time, or contract-based job.
  7. Briefly describe the job description of the employee
  8. Write the income or salary of the employee 
  9. Write the workload of the person on weekly basis.

Income Verification Letter:

Here is attached a sample Income Verification Letter for your help and needs. 

Dear {{Name}}, 

This letter is to inform you that {{Name of the employee}} has been employed with {{COMPANY NAME}} since {{Date}}.

The employee’s current position is {{Position of the employee}}. {{Name of the employee}}’s current salary or wage is {{Amount}} annually. {{Name of the employee}} works an average of {{Number of hours}} hours per week. {{Name of the employee}}’s gross salary for the most recent pay period is {{Amount}}. {{Name of the employee}}’s probability of continued employment is very good and {{Name of the employee}} is a valued employee of this organization.

Should you have any questions or need further information, please contact the undersigned office.

Yours sincerely,

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