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Termination Letter Restructuring

Restructuring often means layoffs. How do you write a Termination letter due to restructuring? When writing a termination letter check this sample letter now.

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Restructuring, for any company, is hard work. There are many changes to be considered and sometimes the outcome can be negative for many people. When you figure out which positions are important and which aren't, many people will end up losing their job. However, it's something that has to be done to keep the company working efficiently.

How do you write a Termination letter due to restructuring?

We support you and your company by providing this Termination letter restructuring template, which will help you to make a perfect one! Restructuring often means layoffs. This will save you or your department time, cost, and effort and help you to deal with the layoffs. Here, we will provide you some useful suggestions about how you can write a termination letter. 

If circumstances change and become a problem for running your daily operations, or when an employee engages in serious performance issues, it's sometimes necessary to end their employment. Whatever the reason can be that you need to lay off an employee, it's important to follow the correct process, which of course most of the time is not taking place correctly. 

We support you and your company by providing Termination letter templates, which will help you to make a suitable one that fits your situation. Writing a termination letter yet assuring them of their capabilities is not an easy job. We recommend you to not fire the employee directly. Instead, first, a warning employee letter must be sent, in this way, a worker may behave in a good manner. But still, if nothing happens and the only way to get rid of the misconduct is by firing the employee then a proper official meeting must be conducted before sending a termination letter. 

While writing an employee termination letter, the most important two points which you consider is your compliance and tone of writing. Even if the employee did damage to your organization, you must write in such a way that the worker does not feel demotivated or hurt at all. Always try to end your relationship with your worker on good terms if possible. In our sample termination letter, there is one written when an employee demonstrates poor performance, others are for economic reasons, for negligence, incapacity, or misconduct.

Tips to write an employee termination Letter:

Below are mentioned some worthy tips which you can easily follow while writing an employee termination letter:

  1. Write about all the policies on which basis the employee was laid off.
  2. Keep your tone polite and not too harsh as this really may demotivate the employee.
  3. Arrange a meeting with the employee before firing him officially.
  4. Inform the employee beforehand that he/she is being fired.
  5. Wish him the best in his/her incoming work life.

Furthermore, we will also provide a sample termination letter which you can use if it is up to your expectations and mark. Check out these sample sentences in a restructuring termination lay-off letter:

  • This letter is an official notification of your termination from the company name effective date.
  • The company is going through a major restructuring.
  • The necessity for many positions is being reevaluated while responsibilities are being shifted.
  • This sad decision came after careful thought and consideration.
  • This does not imply in any way that you have under-performed; in fact, we will happy to provide a recommendation letter for future employers.
  • You have required to hand over your duties to a new/another employee name. We trust that you will keep your professional and excellent work ethics during the transition period.
  • Please consult with the accounting department and other departments for information regarding your severance pay, insurance, and other employment matters.
  • Please keep in mind that even after your termination, you are still legally bound by the privacy and confidentiality terms that you signed and agreed upon at the beginning of your employment.
  • Please consult with the legal department for more information about this.
  • We are really sorry about this. Thank you very much for your efforts and good luck.

Download this Termination letter restructuring template now!

Make use of our termination letter template to help to come to a perfect personalized version.  In case of doubt, always consult a local lawyer that is experienced with labor law. Make sure not only to consider legal conditions, but also the existing working relationship and possible future benefits. The objective of writing this letter is to request a period of termination (notice period) from a job for a temporary duration or permanent. 

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