school leave letter excuse father accident template

School Leave Letter Excuse Father Accident

How to ask for leave from school due to hospitalization? Download this School Leave Letter that concerns an excuse for the father after an accident happened.

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When you are a student and you have to apply for a sudden leave, due to the hospitalization of your family member, this example letter provides you an easy draft that you can modify according to your needs. It's best to address the letter to the Principal of the school, so he or she can provide you with a proper permission letter.

How to write a school leave letter due to an accident?

Especially when your presence there is necessary and important to explain the reason why you are not able to attend. If some urgent business happened at home, for example in this example, when your father is involved in a serious incident and your other siblings are not old enough to take care of themselves, it's a very normal response to focus on your family first and to remain home in order to look after them while the other family member had to go and attend to father in the hospital.

Besides this, make sure you are honest about the expectations you have, and when you think you can come back. Since you might have lots of homework, it's also good to make a reference that you will make sure the homework is done before you come back to class. About the format, make sure to keep it brief. Use salutation addressed to the principal of the school. Be thankful if you will pardon me for remaining absent for my genuine reason. It's ok to provide an apology if you send in the request to leave too late.

Example school leave letter:

I want to say that my name is {{Name}} and I have been a student of your school for the past {{Number of}} years enrolled under roll number {{Roll number}} in {{Number of Grade}} grade. Sir, there was an annual sports gala at the school yesterday. It was a very important event for the school. 

My presence there for necessary since I had taken a lead role in a drama. Unfortunately, it happened so that I was not able to come to school yesterday due to some urgent business at home. 

My father came from another city and met with a serious accident on his way home. My other siblings are not old enough to take care of themselves so I had to remain home in order to look after them while the other family member had to go and attend to father in the hospital. I know that I made a terrible mistake by not coming to school on that important day but sir I was bound to do so. I request to accept my apology on fair terms.

I hope that after given my explanation to you I have satisfied you regarding my absence from school yesterday. I shall be thankful to you for forgiving my act. I will be obliged really.

Yours Obediently


Download this example School Leave Letter Excuse Father Accident now!

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