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Powder Burn Rate Chart

How do you use a Powder burn rate chart? When looking for a Powder burn rate chart you can always download and use this one.

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Burn rates are not linear- meaning- the relative quickness between powders listed by each other in the chart may be nearly the same, or significantly different. Burn rates for a specific powder are subject to lot-to-lot variations, as well as temperature and other loading conditions.

How do you use a Powder Burn Rate Chart?

Burn Rate Charts provide a relative burn speed of a powder in relation to the other powders on the list. The exact burn speed of a powder may vary depending on Lot, Load it is used in, and the target pressure of the load. There is no universal test that can be used to rank powders. So ranking of the powders is relative, and you may find that a powder is slightly slower burning than another in one load and slightly faster in a different load.

A Burn Rate Chart can give you clues about what that charge may be, but you always should be conservative in your estimates. If the fastest burning powder calls for a 23.0gr start charge and your unknown powder is indicated as being on the slower side of the window, a 23.0gr charge may be a safe starting point. However, both powders are similar in burn speed then you may want to reduce the load by 10% to try and ensure it is a safe start charge.

Download this sample Powder Burn Rate Chart template now for your reference.

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