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How to write a leave of absence? When you want to apply for leave, download this sample letter leave of absence template now for your reference.

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When you need to apply for urgent leave from office or school, for example due to illness, such as fever, or you must help your family or friends, it's important to inform the organization in time. Ideally, it's only needed for a few days. If you can be flexible and reasonable towards your organization, they will act towards that principle as well.

How to write a leave of absence?

Sometimes, sudden fever might strike and you are not capable to go to office or school. Hence, you need to take a day or two off. In this world of professionalism, a formal notice is important in order to maintain a good relationship with your boss, colleagues, teacher, principal, etc. There is no need to write such a letter from scratch, since we already done that for you.

Consider these key elements when you are writing a leave of absence (loa) request:

  • A clear subject;
  • Personal information (explain what info);
  • Reason for leave of absence;
  • Number of estimated leave days required;
  • Required date for leaves;
  • Thanks for support and acknowledgment;
  • Contact details;
  • Best regards;
  • Signature.

In our Leave of Absence, we have used a standard format that you can easily detect and then edit it according to your personal information like Name, contact, number of leave days, etc. We work for the ease of you in the most professional manner. That is why got a general, yet professional leave of absence written for you, and you can easily adjust the application according to your required criteria.  

Sample leave of absence request to office:

  • I am requesting a leave of absence from {{Date}} to {{Date}} for the following reason.
  • My physician has recommended that I refrain from working during this period in order that I obtain sufficient rest due to {{reason}}
  • I informed my colleague {{Name colleague}} who will temporarily take over my urgent duties and responsibilities.
  • Please allow me a leave of today so that I may consult a doctor and have medicines. I am thankful to you for this.
  • My physician has recommended that I refrain from working during this period in order that I obtain sufficient rest before and after the delivery of my child.
  • While I was hoping to work two weeks longer than {{he/she}} suggested, I feel that I should defer to his judgment.

Leave of absence letter for child to school:

  • I, {{Name Father/Mother}}, am the father of {{Name Child}}. 
  • My {{son/daughter}} is a regular student of {{Name school}} and currently in class {{Class ##}} and I am writing this leave request to bring to your attention that my {{he/she}} had fallen sick and was suffering from fever since yesterday
  • He/she is therefore not able to attend classes for the next {{amount of days}} days.
  • Therefore, I would like to kindly request you to grant him a leave for these {{amount of days}} days he/she will be absent from the school.
  • Yours sincerely,
  • {{Signature}}

We hope this school leave request letter template helps you out. Simply download this leave request from our website in the Microsoft Word format and easily customize & make changes according to your personal information and situation. 

Download this sample letter leave of absence template now for your reference.

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