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Letter of Employment Verification Template

What is an Employment Verification Letter? What are the benefits of an Letter of Employment Verification? Download now for your easy help!

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A proof of employment or employment certificate is a common requirement for institutions, and therefore it's a common request by employees.

What are the benefits of an Letter of Employment Verification?

An employee confirmation letter is a document that certifies that an individual is currently or previously employed with the company. You may be asked to provide an employee confirmation letter multiple times. Financial institutions, government agencies, landlords, mortgage lenders and potential employers may require a confirmation of employment.

Employment verification is the process of confirming an individual's past or current employment status. It ensures that the candidate has the appropriate experience to perform the expected task well. Employment verification may also uncover false claims, employment gaps, or fabricated job titles. Because employers are willing to hire, they're also looking for other ways to make your hiring process faster and easier, while making sure you're the right person for the job. This is where proof of employment comes into play. Some services can screen potential employees. They charge for it, but it takes the pressure off the HR team. Plus, their verification process has been simplified and only takes a few days .Employers request proof of employment for many different reasons. Below are some advantages of a Employee verification letters: 

  • Employee verification letters are a way to confirm the identity of a potential employee.
  • Employment Confirmation Letter is a letter as evidence confirm the employee's experience in a specific area, residency in a specific location, or eligibility for specific privileges.
  • Employee verification letters can help employers avoid false claims.
  • Employee's confirmation letter confirms that their employment statement is true. The letters contain the employee's salary, proof that they worked for a specific company, and the date of employment. Mortgage lenders, new employers, and government agencies often require employee confirmation letters.

Letter of Employment Verification Template

See our free Letter of Employment Verification sample below:

Dear Sir/Madam {{Name}},

This letter is to verify that {{NAME OF APPLICANT}} was employed at {{NAME OF COMPANY}} in the position of {{NAME OF POSITION}}. This position was {{FULL-TIME/PART-TIME/CONTRACT}}. {{NAME OF APPLICANT}} commenced employment in the above-mentioned position with our company on {{EMPLOYMENT COMMENCEMENT DATE}} until EMPLOYMENT TERMINATION DATE.....

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