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How do you start a welcome speech? If you are looking for inspiration, have a look at this Opening Speech for your reference.

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The art of communicating with an audience through words is known as public speaking. It entails speaking to groups of any size, ranging from a few dozen seminar attendees to millions of people watching on television. To master public speaking, you must first distinguish between four styles of speeches: ceremonial, demonstrative, descriptive, and convincing.

How do you start a welcome speech?

If you’ve ever attended an event, it's very common to have an Opening speech to introduce the history and future plans to the witnessing audience. If you are asked to hold such a speech, it's always good to explore similar speeches, in order to have sufficient inspiration to be able to deliver a memorable speech.

Therefore, it's  always good to know the welcome speech you will hold gets all of the attention of the visitors. The welcome speech is what allures the attendees to either listen and take interest, or not want to participate at all. Given that, welcome speeches are really important and should be long enough to address everyone properly but short enough to not bore everyone in the room.

Have a look at this sample opening words held at opening a venue:

Ladies and Gentlemen, {{Name Host}}, {{Name special guest}}, friends and family. I am honoured to stand here in front of you on this unique occasion, the opening of the {{Venue name}} at this splendid {{Property function}}, which will always be known to me fondly as the {{Property function}} of {{Country}}!

As regards my family, I am especially pleased that my mother is with us today, in the company of her first great-grandchild, my grandson – {{Name family member}}. This occasion is being witnessed by four generations of the {{Family name}} family. Apart from {{Name family member}} & my mother, my wife, {{Name family member}}, and our elder son, {{Name family member}} – with his wife {{Name family member}} – are present. Our younger son, {{Name family member}}, is a {{Profession}} in {{Country}} and sadly could not get away from his work. We are proud to be here in full force to celebrate this opening with you.

As always, time is short – and repetition is boring! Thus, to respect your time, I shall not reiterate {{Name Host}}’s earlier words of appreciation. I would like to limit my thanks to two special people, without whom this new {{Project}} might never have been conceived – or built!

These persons are the Director of the {{Property function}}, {{Name host}}, and my wife, {{Name family member}}. During a chance conversation, they hit upon the notion, the excellent notion, that {{City}} needed a {{Project}} for visiting exhibitions that met international exhibition standards, and that the {{Property function}} would be the ideal location for this space.

The {{Property function}} and the {{Project}} of international standards represent, if you will, the warp in this analogy. The weft was {{Name family member}}’s awareness of our intent to celebrate 100 years as a business house in the year {{Year}} – and she knew that we were looking for a suitable gift to {{City}}, from which we have benefited so much, over the generations.

And remember the words of Franklin D. Roosevelt: “We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.”

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