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What are the parts of a behavior contract? How do you write a Behavioral Contract? Find and download Behavior Contract right now!

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The unique written agreements which are intended to change the student behavior are called behavior contracts. It should define what positive behavior is expected from the student. It must explain the criteria to which students’ behavior will be analyzed and judged. It encourages and motivates the students to increase the positive and neutral behavior by specifying the reinforces. The time frame of the contract is also mentioned in the behavior contract.  

What are the parts of a behavior contract?

There are 4 “Ws” of the behavior contract; who, what, when, and how well. The Who indicates the person that is required to perform the task and abide by the contract. The What depicts the actual task and kind of behavior that must be followed under different circumstances. The When denotes the time when the behavior or task should be completed 

There are the following steps of writing a behavioral contract:

  1. Make a clear and precise plan for the contract and customize it.
  2. Setting up the meetings with the involved parties to make them understand the rules and regulations of the contract
  3. Communication of the consequences
  4. Follow up meeting plan schedules
  5. Be consistent
  6. Trust the plan and act patiently. 

These are some important instructions for writing a behavior contract. You can follow these to write one for yourself. 

Behavior Contract Document:

Here is written a sample for you:

In order to establish a three-way communication/support system between the student, parent, and teacher, each member of the group needs a set of responsibilities and expectations. The following is an outline that --when met by each member-- will reinforce the communication/support system and ultimately benefit each member.

The student will follow the “Class Rules” and therefore will:

  • Give and receive respect.
  • Actively listen to others and be listened to.
  • Be able to learn as well as allow others to learn.
  • Be safe and act in a safe way.
  • Make friends and treat others as they would want to be treated.

The parent will:

  •  Ask the student to relate daily school experiences.
  • Acknowledge rewards and encourage positive behavior.
  • Acknowledge the behavior forms or notes that are sent home by discussing them with the student and signing them. It is the student’s responsibility to return the behavior form the next day.

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