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Automotive Finance Manager Job Description

What does an Automotive Finance Manager do? Find and download Automotive Finance Manager job description from here!

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A manager is the one who is responsible to oversee the tasks of his/her team. Each department of an organization has its management team whose head is named as the “Manager” of that team. Their main duties involve overlooking the tasks of others and ensuring a smooth work process. Sometimes, they are also responsible to train employees for the best work output. This page includes information about Automotive Finance Managers, their duties, along with an Automotive Finance Manager job description. 

What does an Automotive Finance Manager do?

The Automotive Finance Manager position is one of the most common positions often encountered in organizations and societies. But sometimes people may also miss-concept their duties. Here is written a list of responsibilities for Automotive Finance Manager:
  1. Looks after the work of his junior employees working under his/her supervision
  2. Train and provide feedback on the ongoing work
  3. Maintains the major focus on the original goals
  4. Keeps an eye on the objectives 
  5. Makes sure that the original goals and objectives are being accomplished or not 
  6. Plans different organizational activities and events
  7. Sometimes hire and trains employees for the best match
  8. Helps to develop a safe and healthy work environment
  9. Keeps an eye on employee’s personal growth and self-development

These are some major responsibilities of the Automotive Finance Manager or any person involved in the management. Next, you will find a sample job description for Automotive Finance Manager.

Automotive Finance Manager Job Description:

If you are looking for a detailed job description for an Automotive Finance Manager, then you are on the right page. We have copied a short text from the complete Doc file, so that if you find it helpful, you may download the complete file. 

Our successful dealership is looking for an experienced automotive finance manager to present financing options and opportunities to our car buyers and effectively support our sales team. The ideal candidate should have 2 years of experience and a proven track record of high performance as a finance and insurance manager. This role supports automotive sales by building relationships, following sales processes, and upholding the highest ethical standards. If you’re ready to help our team continue its track record of success, apply today!


  • Establish and reach monthly finance and insurance manager goals for automotive sales, service contracts, customer service, and other key benchmarks.
  • Assess whether car buyers need financing and payment options before presenting them with appropriate auto finance plans.
  • Maintain the highest ethical standards serving as a finance director and/or manager who is committed to a high customer satisfaction index (CSI).
  • Support the auto sales manager during each vehicle purchase and leverage opportunities to offer aftermarket products, service contracts, and insurance programs.
  • Abide by federal, state, and local regulations when preparing paperwork, finalizing financial transactions, setting interest rates, and working with lending institutions.

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