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Request for salary advance

Are you looking for a request for salary advance? Download this free sample letter. Ready to be submitted after few amendments as per your situation of need.

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Advanced salary means you need to ask your boss about your pay which you need in advance. There may be many different reasons for which you can ask for an advanced salary like due to an event, because of financial needs and many more. But keep in mind that each company has its own rules and regulations about providing advanced salaries to its employees. Therefore, you must take into consideration the rules of asking for salary advanced. In this context, we will make you learn about how you can ask for a successful salary advanced in the form of a professional letter. 

How do I ask for salary advance?

To have a successful application that will impact positively on your boss, you need to be respectful and state your properly briefed reasons about why you require an advance. You must mention your good work area relations with your boss that may lead you to have a successful advance of salary. Consider the following mentioned steps to write a salary advanced letter:

  1. You need to consider a proper list of options in your mind while asking for an advance.
  2. Have a look at your companies’ policies before writing such a letter.
  3. Prepare the main body of the letter where you are going to explain the reason for the advance for salary.
  4. Properly write in a smooth manner that will engage your boss in your application. This thing leaves a good impression of yours at the end of the letter.
  5. Write acknowledgment lines in which you can pay gratitude to your boss for considering your application.

There may be many different reasons for which you can write this letter to your boss/supervisor. These reasons can be like money required to submit the school fee of your child, or for your marriage purpose, or maybe because of some other event. 

Sample request for salary advance letter:

Here are some sample sentences useful when writing an advanced salary letter attached by us:

  • As you know I am serving as {{Job title}} in your company for {{number of years}} years and my work record with {{Organization}} is excellent. 
  • I would like to request for my next month’s salary in advance since {{Compelling reason advance salary is required}}.
  • {{Situation explained}} I have been taking the major financial responsibility of the family. Therefore, I must pay for all the expenditures related to {{event/costs incurred explained}} myself. I shall really appreciate your consideration.
  • As you know I am one of your permanent employees and my work record with this organization is excellent. I also got Excellence Award this year which further describes my dedication and professional attitude.
  • I am writing to you to request an advance salary for the {{event}} held on {{date}}.
  • Since such events require a certain amount of money to enjoy it, so I request an advance salary.
  • I assure you that it won’t affect my work in any way. As you are always good with your employees so I expect a good response from you regarding this matter. 
  • Looking forward to hearing from you.

We wrote this request letter to you in the most professional manner. Download this request for a salary advance letter for free. Ready to submit just after a few edits. If you didn’t like this letter, then please head on to our website for a letter of your concern.

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