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Expository Essay Example

How to write an Expository essay? What are the types of essays? Download expository essay examples right now for free.

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An essay is a piece of writing that basically regulates around to provide an idea, hypothesis, or argument after interpretation, analysis, and use of evidence. A student encounters essay writing so much that he/she knows the struggle to write it. Many find it fun and interesting to spill the thoughts out of their brain and many find it hard to write even a single piece of line. 

How to write an expository essay?

Some people find it difficult to draft an essay. If you are one of them, then you don’t need to worry from now on. We got you covered! Here are written some guidelines for you to follow when drafting an essay:

  1. The first part of the essay is the introduction. In this section, you must define your argument. Make sure you use appropriate words so that it makes the whole essay engaging for the reader to read. 
  2. The second part includes the body of your essay. The body part of an essay includes the evidence that supports your arguments. Describe in detail as this section is a lengthier section. 
  3. The last section includes the conclusion. Wrap up the points which you have proposed in the body part of the essay and narrate how the idea can be benefitted from your points. 

These are some guidelines for you to follow when you are drafting an essay. 

What are the types of essays?

There are many types of essays a student usually writes in his/her life. Read the below-mentioned types to get the idea:

  1. Simple essay
  2. Statement of purpose essay
  3. College essay
  4. Expository essay
  5. Lay school essay

Sample expository essay examples:

Here is attached a sample expository essay example for your help and need. 

A student’s life is often hectic. Moving from class to class, ingesting lots of information, a load of coursework, and preparing for examinations is a lot to handle. The leisure time a student gets should be treasured and used wisely. Sadly, most students in today’s society spend their free time indulging in activities that are harmful to their well-being such as ingesting alcohol and drugs. Precious leisure time can be used to decompress using meaningful but still relaxing activities. Leisure time should contribute to a student’s physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. These three areas will contribute to a more wholesome student.

Given that most classes are sedentary activities, a student should spend their time get their bodies active through exercise and other physical activities. Leisure time can be used as a way to look after your health. The body’s well-being undoubtedly constitutes the physical aspect. When a student is in better physical shape, their concentration, energy levels and participation in class also increase. Most students sit while in class. Medical research shows that prolonged sessions of unadulterated sitting have adverse effects on the body’s health by exercising during their leisure time, students can counteract these negative consequences. Exercise can include endurance activities such as running, swimming, martial arts, and bike riding. It could also include power exercises such as weightlifting. Sports are also an excellent choice in this regard. You get to work your body out while having fun at the same time.

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