hotel complaint letter

Hotel complaint letter

Do you have a complaint about a stay at a hotel and want to write a complaint letter? Download this sample hotel complaint letter now.

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We all need a holiday once in a while. A couple of days away from your work and home life in order to relax and enjoy our free time.  We also expect the very best treatment from the places we decide to stay at. Hotels, for example. So when we see that there are areas where the promised service is lacking, we have all the right to complain about this. You can do this, by writing a letter and summing up all the complaints you have.

Do you have a complaint about a stay at the hotel and want to write a complaint letter?

In this case, we know you don't want to spend more time on the issue, but it’s good to take action and register a complaint about the situation. A complaint hopefully increases the quality and service level of the organization that caused the issue.

Complaint letter sample sentences:

My family and I had the misfortune of staying at your hotel from check-in date to check out the date in room number. During our stay, we encountered a number of unsatisfactory service levels that I think you should know of and hopefully do something about. First, it took more than an hour to check us in even though we had a confirmed reservation. Why it took so long is beyond my comprehension. When I asked the reception staff about the reason for the delay, they said it was because the previous guest checked out late! Well, that is not my problem. Second, when we entered the room the beds were not properly done, our mini-bar was empty, and the bathrooms were still dirty. I wonder what do the housecleaning people at your hotel do exactly to prepare the room for the next guest? Do they have a checklist or do they just randomly go through stuff? I hope you agree with me that this type of service is completely unacceptable at so many levels. It is not the kind of treatment I would have expected from a five-star hotel of your state and caliber. I am very disappointed with this bitter experience.

This Complaint letter comes in Microsoft Office format and is ready to be tailored to your personal needs. You can add text, remove content that isn’t applicable, and change the look and formatting. In fact, anything you are able to do with one of your own documents, you can do with this one as well. This letter template is deliberately designed to be flexible so that it can be adjusted to your needs and preferences.

Therefore, we do not recommend you spend lots of precious time searching for a suitable complaint letter. Just download this example Hotel complaint letter template directly that has been put together for you!

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Karen Norris - GBR

Thanks, take care!

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