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How do you write a resignation letter?

A resignation letter can be issued on good or bad terms. It is written to inform the concerned party of your or their departure. It is crucial to give this information well in advance, at least two weeks’ notice so that preparations can be made for the transition. The document formalizes your reasons for leaving the company and allows appreciation of the period in employment.

Tips for writing a resignation letter:

Here are mentioned some worthy tips to notice when writing a resignation letter:

  • Make sure you keep the language polite and professional to encourage the person to continue reading;
  • Express gratitude for the period you have worked together;
  • It is advisable to give a reason for leaving even though it is optional;
  • Offer to help with the transition process including training and recruiting a replacement ;
  • Note your last day of employment and reasonable notice;
  • Give your contact information in case anyone wants to get in touch with you;
  • Avoid complaints and critiques in the letter.