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A letter of termination is an essential part of the termination of the employee. The exercise provides the employees with useful information and confirmation of the details of the termination meeting. The information on your final pay check, employee benefits and your termination date may be available and the employee requests that you notify you of any changes to the address to ensure that they receive all the necessary documents for the year.

Before sending the termination letter, ensure that you met with the employee. For a smooth termination process, the termination meetings are essential as they provide both the employee and the employer with an opportunity to express their thoughts and concerns with the aim of ending the relationship friendly. Meeting the employee is kind and generous, and it helps you avoid possible lawsuits because of discrimination or other potentially harmful charges.

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  • Examples of Termination letters:

    • Voluntary Termination: In this type of termination, the worker takes the initiative to leave the company. A decision, as such, can be for many professional or personal reasons. It could be a toxic work environment, lack of growth opportunities or employee development, personal problems, etc.
    • Involuntary Termination: Involuntary termination refers to an event wherein the employer removes a worker from employment. It can be for low performance, employee behavior, violation of company rules, etc. This type of termination can also be the result of an employee disciplinary action.
    • Employment at Will: This termination type dictates that an employer can fire a worker anywhere at anyplace without any reason. Here, an employer need not give any reason to the leaving employee. However, employers must document the reason for themselves to fight or prohibit any discrimination case, should it arise.
    • Mutual Termination: As the name suggests, this termination arises when both parties conclude that they are not a good fit. This type of termination is a lot less messy since it is a decision both parties agree on mutually.
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  • What are the causes of Employee Termination?

    There can be many causes of employee termination from both employer and employee viewpoint. Some of these are: From the viewpoint of the Employer: • Low performance. • Violation of Company Rules. • Employee Disciplinary Action. • Harassment of any sort, be it sexual, physical, mental, or emotional. • Lack of cooperation and progressive discipline • Leaking information to competition, etc. From the viewpoint of the Employee: • Better employment contract elsewhere. • Lack of growth opportunities like employee promotion, etc. • Lack of interest in the job. • Studies/Business/Retirement Plans. • Workers with personal problems/issues. • Bad employment relationship.

    What are steps leading up to an Employee Termination?

    If you are in a situation wherein you must terminate an employee, here are the necessary steps you must take leading up to the process: 1) Reasons for termination. 2) Termination Policy. 3) Employee Review Process.
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  • What are steps leading up to an Employee Termination?

    If you are in a situation wherein you must terminate an employee, here are the necessary steps you must take leading up to the process.

    1. Reasons for termination: First and foremost, you must specify the acceptable reason for termination beforehand. It includes the events in which the termination of a worker is applicable. These can be on the basis of low performance, violation of a rule, harassment, insubordination, etc.
    2. Termination Policy: After deciding on the above factor, you must have the policies in place. These policies must dictate the grounds and the procedure for termination. Here, you must get all the workers' signature on the agreement as consent for the policy.
    3. Employee Review Process: Next comes the duty of determining an employee review process. This process will help you determine whether to fire or keep a worker for further consideration. It looks for performance reviews, behavior, an initiative of the worker to correct situations, etc.
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