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A letter of sponsorship is a little more extensive, contrary to a standard letter for fundraising which asks for donations, grants, contributions, voluntary work, auction items or other donations. It concentrates on developing a bond with and treats a potential donor like a partner, including providing rewards. A letter of sponsorship usually allows a company to contribute or endorse a non-profit organization to an event, charitable effort or for a long-term support. With the mandated tax receipt, additional support incentives such as preferential seating for a case, a speak-slot or advertisement inclusion will be given to the donor.

You will secure your sponsorship by the sponsor of your choice in a letter of sponsor, which is also often included in the sponsorship proposal. Not only can you ask for money, of course, but you can also detail what the cash can be used to encourage the sponsor to contribute.

How do you ask a company to sponsor you?

Dealing with sponsors is not an easy task. Especially making calls and sending letters asking for the sponsors requires a lot of care and attention. Below are attached some guides which you can follow while writing a sponsor letter:

  1. Choose a professional-looking letter format.
  2. Make introductory greetings for a good first impression. 
  3. Write the subject of the letter, in this case, it would be a sponsorship request letter.
  4. Write about the organization’s goals and purpose of why you require a sponsor.
  5. Mention in brief detail the outcomes that would result from the sponsor you require.
  6. Offer the business something in return. Like their advertisement etc.
  7. End the letter with appropriate greetings and words. 
  8. Mention your contact details like email id and bank account number specified for the sponsors.

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