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Instead of starting from scratch, you may save yourself effort in preparation, if you use these Salary letters as a starting point.

What is a salary letter?

A letter that is related to your salary. It can be a request for a higher salary, informing about the release of delayed salary payment, a salary notification to all staff members or a salary verification letter. In all cases, it's a means of communication regarding compensation between an employer or an employee. The following elements are important to list in the salary letter:

  • Name of the employee;
  • Employee ID;
  • Date;
  • Designation;
  • Purpose of the salary letter;
  • Department;
  • Break-up of salary;
  • Basic Salary;
  • List of all Allowances;
  • List of all Deductions.
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    > template > Turning Down A Job Offer Email

    Turning Down A Job Offer Email

    How do I turn down job offer gracefully due to salary? Download this Sample Decline Job Offer Email Template to help you turn down a job offer gracefully.

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    > template > Salary Certificate

    Salary Certificate

    How do you write an employee salary letter? Download this Salary Certificate Letter template for your convenience.

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    > template > Monthly Salary Certificate Letter

    Monthly Salary Certificate Letter

    How do I write a salary certificate letter? How do you write an employee salary letter? Download this Salary Certificate Letter template for your convenience.

  • When you need to write a letter regarding your salary/compensation, you may scroll through our salary letter templates and download the most suitable template for your purpose. Besides the salary letters, we provide many other HR-related sample documents, contracts, and letter templates that can serve as references. Here is a suitable salary request letter, which can be both written or send via email. It shows a decent way to request an advance payment of your monthly salary. Consider the levels of politeness, based on your relationship with your boss.

    Making a polite request can be done the following way:

    • very polite: I would appreciate it if you could …
    • polite: could you please help me …
    • polite but direct: Would you help me …
    • more direct: please send me an advance payment for ...

  • How to request a higher salary?

    At some point in life, you may want or feel forced to ask for a salary increase, especially when you feel like you deserve one. This happens when you feel confident that you can provide your employer with a strong case for the raise you want to ask for, you can express yourself in writing through a salary increase letter. There are times when you need extra money, especially when you are achieving a new milestone in your life. Starting a family for example or organizing a hastily planned wedding. Your salary will definitely not be able to pay for all the arrangements, so you will need to look elsewhere.

    What are the reasons for salary increase?

    Good reasons why you deserve more salary for your effort: your effort leads to more selling, you are loyal for a long time, you work hard every day, you hit all your targets last 2 years, you made big progress, you can specify the added value of your input.
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    > template > Humble request for promotion

    Humble request for promotion

    How do you write a letter asking for a promotion? Have a look at this sample Humble request for promotion letter and use it to best advantage.

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    > template > Salary reduction letter

    Salary reduction letter

    How do I write a salary reduction letter as an employer? Many employers currently struggle due to the unprecedented Covid-19 outbreak.

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    > template > Salary negotiation letter

    Salary negotiation letter

    How to write a salary negotiation letter? Writing such a letter might be risky, so download this Salary negotiation letter right now

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    > template > Salary increment letter

    Salary increment letter

    Do you need a Salary increment letter? When writing a salary letter, check out and download this sample salary increment letter now.

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    > template > Asking for a raise letter

    Asking for a raise letter

    How do I write a salary increase letter? When writing a letter of request for salary increase free sample, check out and download this sample salary increase letter now.

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    > template > Job promotion announcement

    Job promotion announcement

    When promoting an employee, check out and download this sample Job promotion announcement now.

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    > template > Request for salary advance

    Request for salary advance

    Are you looking for a request for salary advance? Download this free sample letter. Ready to be submitted after few amendments as per your situation of need.