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Recommendation letters are written on the occasion when an employee leaves from a specified organization and transfers to some other organization. If the resignation is accepted on good terms with both parties i.e., the worker and manager then a recommendation letter is most of the time necessary to be written for the leaving employee. This letter contains all the enhancing features of a client from an employer, furthermore, a good explanation of the employee’s traits and characteristics are also narrated. Here in this context, we will provide you a guide about how you can write a recommendation letter for your employee as well as some sample recommendation letters too. So, keep reading and stick with us.

How to write an employee recommendation letter?

If you want to write your own recommendation letter for your employee from scratch. Then follow the below-mentioned guidelines:

  1. Choose an appropriate letter format that looks professional as well as seems appropriate to you too.
  2. Make sure there are proper sections of the chosen letter template. This means a proper categorization for the subject, letter body, and start/end greeting part.
  3. Start your letter with appropriate greetings and the purpose of the letter. in this case, it would be a recommendation letter to an employee from the employer. 
  4. Write about the employee’s traits and enhanced features that can help the client to gain a good reputation in the eye of the new recruiter.
  5. Mentioned the differences which a client made to an organization. Explain the contributions which the organization affected most positively and boosted the revenue.
  6. End the letter with appropriate recommendation words. 
  7. Provide your contact details in case someone wants to contact you back for some inquiry purposes.