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Property Applications as its name implies, this is a letter that seeks the permission of a property owner to allow him to release his piece of property for use to further a particular course. It highlights the exact course, the duration of time when the property will be used and the start and end times.

Being a landlord can be tough. You have to always be prepared for whatever tenant comes your way. After a thorough tenant screening process, a good majority of tenants will be quiet, clean, and polite, chances are, at some point, you might encounter a complex tenant.

And you probably already know that if you don’t handle them properly, you could find yourself in trouble.

  • proof-of-funds-letter
    > template > Proof of Funds Letter

    Proof of Funds Letter

    How do I write a proof of fund letter? What is included in proof of funds? Download this Proof of Funds Letter template now to learn more.
  • exchange-brokerage-agreement
    > template > Exchange Brokerage Agreement

    Exchange Brokerage Agreement

    What details should be mentioned in the exchange brokerage agreement? Find out and download Exchange Brokerage Agreement right now!
  • blank-lease-agreement
    > template > Blank Lease Agreement

    Blank Lease Agreement

    How to Write a Lease Agreement? Download Blank Lease Agreement from here!

  • What are the different types of Property letters?

    • Notice to Pay or Quit: One of the major pitfalls for a landlord is renting to tenants who fail to pay rent. The Notice to Pay Rent or Quit demands two things: make the rent payment or the tenant moves out.
    • Unconditional Quit Notice: Unlike other notices, an Unconditional Quit Notice doesn’t have an option to remedy a violation. The tenant has to leave. Period. This is regardless of whether they fix the violation or not.
    • Notice to Cure or Quit: This notice informs the tenant that a certain behavior must be ceased within a certain period or else they face an eviction. Unlike the Unconditional Quit Notice, this notice gives the tenant the option of fixing the violation or moving out.
    • Lease Renewal Letter: This is used when you must decide whether to renew the lease or not. Sending the tenant, a lease renewal letter is a courteous way to ensure continued implementation of the lease.
    • Non-Renewal of Lease Letter: You may need to decide to send a Non-Renewal of Lease letter to a tenant. The letter is needed if you want to terminate a periodic lease.
    • Notice of Change of Ownership to Tenant: Change is inevitable, but can also be worrying. Tenants can feel a range of emotions when there are changes in the ownership or management of a rental property.
    • Notice of Maintenance, Renovations, Repairs, and Outages: One main duty of a landlord is to conduct repairs on the rental unit. Furthermore, they’re legally required to give prior notice of their intentions to enter a rental unit. Emergencies are the only exception.
    • Notice of Intent to Dispose of Personal Property That’s Abandoned: Each state is diverse in terms of how landlords should deal with a tenant’s abandoned personal property. Most states require that you send the tenant a letter first before disposing of their property.
    • Notice of Rent Increase: Raising the rent is a tricky business. Raise it too high, and you risk losing your renters. Don’t raise it all, and you risk leaving money on the table
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  • How to write Real Estate Offer Letter?

    You would have to make an offer to the seller when you purchase a home. You would have to write a letter explaining why you would like to purchase your home and specifics of your funding and the planned closure date. This would be done by you.

    Often a way to communicate with the seller on a personal level is the secret to writing the best offer message. See seven tips to help you write the perfect letter for your real estate bid.

    • Address the Seller by Name
    • Highlight What You Like Most About the Home
    • Share Something About Yourself
    • Throw in a Personal Picture
    • Discuss What You Have in Common
    • Keep it Short
    • Close the Letter Appropriately

    How to write a Letter of Interest for a Property?

    A letter of interest is a personal letter sent by a prospective buyer to a seller expressing interest in purchasing a home. The letter of interest has the purpose to start of negotiations between the buyer and the seller.

    • Learn when a letter of interest can benefit you.
    • Form a connection.
    • Tell the buyer why you love the home.
    • Write emotionally but authentically
    • Provide a positive picture of yourself.
    • Save the best for last.
    • Keep the letter short
  • eviction-notice-template
    > template > Eviction Notice Template

    Eviction Notice Template

    How do you use a Eviction notice template? When looking for a Eviction notice template you can always download and use this one.
  • real-estate-lien-release-form
    > template > Real Estate Lien Release Form

    Real Estate Lien Release Form

    How do I get a lien release letter? Here you will find a sample real estate lien release form. Keep reading to get the benefit of some valuable information.
  • labor-lien-release
    > template > Labor Lien Release

    Labor Lien Release

    What are the types of lien waivers? Check the sample Labor lien release template. Read out for more info.
  • real-estate-inquiry-letter
    > template > Real Estate Inquiry Letter

    Real Estate Inquiry Letter

    How to write an inquiry letter for properties? Download this Real Estate inquiry letter right now in Microsoft word format for free.
  • application-for-advance-salary-damaged-house
    > template > Application for advance salary damaged house

    Application for advance salary damaged house

    Request that my salary be granted in advance. If you allow this favor, then I will be able to fix my house before more damage is done.
  • buyer-broker-agreement
    > template > Buyer Broker Agreement

    Buyer Broker Agreement

    A buyer broker agreement is a legal Real Estate agent to arrange a sale legitimately according to local law, liability , commissions, fees or taxes, etc