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The invitation letters are written with explicit, engaging, and comprehensive content to invite someone to an auspicious occasion such as farewell, wedding, seminars, casual birthday parties, and various events. The invitation letters can be intended for a specific person, a department, or an entire group of people. The informal invitation format is practiced to invite people for casual gatherings and events, but for corporate meetings and seminars, a much more formal pattern is used. The invitation letter could be printed on paper or sent to several people via email. 

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  • Why is it important to confirm the address of the recipient?

    When a person receives a drafted email or an invitation letter, he or she feels valued and honored. The sender shows his compassion and bonding to the person being invited. It is always better to invite someone through a proper invitation rather than verbal communication. Invitation letters bind the receiver with the sender to acknowledge and accept the invitation. The reader ideally is respected by receiving a proper invitation letter and feels privileged in attending the happening. Invitation letters effectively convey the event details such as date, time, venue, address, and dress code. The illustrated invitation letters are more engaging and can grab the attention of teenagers and young kids.

    When sending out invitations, the sender or the host should always ensure the recipients have received the correct address. Therefore, always send letters with accurate and updated addresses. The sender's and receiver's names should be written to avoid any confusion. When you invite guests for personal and customized events, it is advisable to personally hand over the invitation instead of sending it via mail.

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  • How to write an invitation letter?

    The subject or the opening sentence of your invitation letter should reflect your invitation's main purpose. If you are dispatching multiple invitations, keep an official and uniform letterhead. Start with proper salutation and greetings, then move onto your letter's main content—highlight essential details such as venue, day, and time of your event. Most readers skip the introduction and look for dates and times while reading an invitation letter. It is advisable to use a bold font to highlight important details. When addressing a specific person, clearly write his/her name and avoid making a spelling mistake. Before sending a formal invitation email or letter, go through your letter's body and revise all significant and minor details. Try to keep a semi-formal tone to keep the reader engaged. If you have sent an invitation via periodic email, clearly mention how to accept or decline the invitation.

    Why mention dates and details in Invitation Letters?

    Every reader is accustomed to reading date and time in different formats. To avoid any confusion, it is recommended to mention specific details such as dates in numeric form and words. The time should be written in one format, so it does not keep your guests guessing.
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