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General letters represent a piece of writing that is written in response to an invitation or to send a formal/informal invitation. While telephonic conversations and face to face meetings are good for fulfilling informal and semi-formal purposes, letters work best to keep the written record for both semi-formal, and mainly formal commitments. 

In various walks of life, you will most likely have to draft a letter or two. Therefore, you must know how to compose a letter that fulfills your purpose and gets your point across effectively. 

What is a general letter? 

A general letter is an all-purpose, universal written document that is useful in numerous situations such as when applying for a job, writing a complaint, or making a request. Usually, it serves as a form of communication when in-person meetings are not possible or when written documentation is more appropriate. 

Types of general letters

There are several types of general letters. The three basic types include: 

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