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A contract letter commonly consists of a cover letter that includes an agreement or is a cover letter along with a separate contract, to introduce the legal arrangement. Since a contract is a formal legal document that binds two or more parties or companies to respect a certain set of rules and regulations, for a certain amount of time, it’s highly important to specify in the right wording how the agreement needs to be executed. An agreement states crucial conditions and needs to be followed by involved parties. Failure to do so will certainly lead to legal concerns and actions.

Alternatively, contract letters can also be issued by a company to a new employee when he/she joins the organization. Contract letters are also shared between two organizations over the mutual trade of products. Although there are various types of contract letters, the most famous and most frequently used types of contract letters include employee contract letters, non-compete agreements, lease agreements, and customer contracts. Contract denotes that both parties have agreed to some terms and conditions, and they will be held responsible if they end up compromising on any clause. For business owners, business contracts are written quite frequently for hiring people or for sealing a business deal.

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  • What is the purpose of writing a contract letter? 

    A contract letter entails the set of terms and conditions that binds two parties in a mutual agreement for the completion of a specific project. The two parties bound in a contract have to comply with the terms and conditions mentioned in the contract, the violation of which can have serious consequences, such as serious penalties. The purpose of writing a contract letter is simple as it serves as a legal document that secures the interests of two or more parties working under a mutual agreement. The two parties can, for example, be an employer and employee or a homeowner and interior designer. This is an initial agreement that is signed between two parties and it can mature into a permanent business agreement, based on the terms and conditions decided in the contract letter. 

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  • What are the key components of a contract letter?

    The way a contract letter is written depends on the purpose of the letter, who is writing the letter, and to whom the letter is written. The letter has to be drafted in a detailed way so that all the essential terms and conditions are properly outlined and understood by both parties that are part of the agreement. 

    Following components should be made part of a contract letter:

    • A contract letter should highlight the responsibilities of the parties involved in the agreement. 
    • The legal actions that can be taken as a result of a violation of the contract should be properly mentioned.
    • For example: If it is an employment contract letter, the responsibilities of the employee, benefits, and salary offered to the employee and the rules and regulations of the company should be properly specified. 

    A contract letter should be written in a very clear, precise, and professional tone and it should not have any spelling or grammar mistakes, typos, structure, or readability issues. 

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