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An appreciation letter is a written form of thank-you or thanks sent to an individual or company that helped you in any way. It can be sent over the internet or -even still today- as a hand-written message when writing to a family member or friend. An appreciation letter is also commonly written to appreciate someone achieving an important milestone in life. It has been identified through research that appreciating someone does not only make the recipient happy but also has a positive impact on the individual appreciating others. An appreciation letter can also be written to a friend or someone you know for playing an important part in your success. A friend may help you land an interview, and potentially a job, at a reputable establishment, or a colleague may cover up for you in front of your boss. A neighbor may fix your car, or your boss may make a huge exception for you. Appreciating someone for something, whether big or small, will most likely leave a favorable impression of you and increase the probability of the recipient helping you again in the future.

Why write an appreciation letter? 

You might be surprised to learn that research proves that individuals who express gratitude often and are grateful tend to lead happier lives. Appreciation not only makes the recipient feel good but also gives the appreciator a psychological boost. 

People generally like when their small gestures are noticed and praised; this makes them feel encouraged and improves their confidence. Appreciated individuals are also more likely to help others repeatedly and do their best. 

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