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The primary purpose of the acceptance letter is to inform the reader about a well-thought-out decision. For example, you have just been offered your dream job and plan to accept it. However, how do you really formally accept the offer? While accepting an interview invitation over a telephonic conversation is fine, it is best that you formally accept it in writing so that both you and the offering company are well aware of the interview details. This way, you will also have a written record of the appointment. 

An acceptance letter is also written by an accepted candidate to express his willingness and positive response towards joining his/ her new job. The letter is concise and kept to the point. Alternatively, it can also happen you are an employer who has to send a Resignation acceptance letter to a leaving employee. A job acceptance letter demonstrates your willingness and gratitude towards accepting a new role at a new organization. Writing an acceptance letter at the start ensures your acceptance towards different perks offered by the company as well as the terms and conditions detailed by the company in the appointment/offer letter sent to you.

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