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Bizzlibrary templates can be used to quickly create business, thank you, and even Santa surprise letter. All these templates and examples are available for download in several editable formats including Word (DOCX). Examples include reference letters, resignation letters, cover letters, thank-you letters, and many of other business related letters.

What are the essentials of writing effective business letters?

Writing a compelling and refined business letter can be easy if you know the letter's language and style. There are some important qualities that a business letter must-have.

A business letter should be self-explanatory. It should be precise, or you can say specifically to the point. It should contain simple language keeping in view the audience. It should be concisely written and should contain accurate information. In addition to this, it must not have any grammatical or spelling errors.

There are some other aspects that ensure the quality of a business letter. The consistency in writing style, format, and font style used for writing ensures that the business letter meets the expectations of a wide range of audiences. 

What are some common types of business letters?

An email has taken over as the most widely used type of correspondence, however, some types of business letters are still written on paper. Some of the major types of business letters include information letters, problem letters, sales letters, and goodwill letters. The purpose of sending business letters include employment verification, job offer, business inquiry, job promotion, networking, employee benefits, promotion announcement, reference, resignation, retirement, and welcome back. Depending on the purpose of writing a business letter, the style and formatting can differ slightly, however, the fundamentals of writing a business letter always remain the same. 

Using these letter templates and examples can help you ensure that you include all the necessary details while reducing the time needed to realize the document. Many letters also include tips how to write the best letter. Try one of our downloadable application form templates today!