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A memorandum commonly abbreviated as a ‘memo’ (meaning "reminder" in literal terms) is a written message drafted in a slang-free formal writing tone and generally used at a business office. It is used by an organization for the communication of procedures, policies, or related business information.

Typically, a memo is written to broadcast a message to a broader audience. It is generally used to inform a particular group within a company of an event, decision, action, or policy. 

  • How to draft an Effective Memo?

    Listed below are the five key ingredients of writing a memo, adequate and complete in all aspects:

    • Audience Positioning: It is essential to identify and consider your intended audience's needs. Simultaneously, the memo must be in a generalized tone, equally applicable to the range of audience. It must state the purpose vividly in exact words without an element of ambiguity or distortion.
    • Professional Tone: A memo speaks on behalf of a company or organization. It should therefore be composed of a formal tone. 
    • Subject Preciseness: Since the subject of a memo is at the beginning of the document, it must be written in a precise way with an emphasis on important details. For instance, if the memo is written to announce a particular holiday, the name of the holiday should be properly mentioned in the subject-line such as “Christmas Holiday.”

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    • Purpose Relevance: The overall text of a memo must not deviate from its original purpose from the beginning till the end.
    • Objectivity: A memo is a document for communicating facts officially. Therefore, they should be written objectively without any element of personal bias, interest, or preference.

    What is the purpose of drafting a Memo?

    Typically, a memo is used to convey information, but it occasionally includes an element of persuasion or a call to action. Due to the existence of informal communication channels within big organizations, information often distorts. On such occasions, to address and spell out false, casual, and unofficial speculations, memos are used. Memos are also useful to use for other organizational issues, such as budget cuts.

    Simultaneously, memos also represent an organization's interests and objectives. Moreover, they are focused on attracting attention towards a problem and provides a solution. 

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  • Organizations accomplish this goal by informing the reader about a persisting problem or a piece of information, for instance, policy changes, price variations, and emergency measures.

    What is the typical format of a Memo?

    A standard memo consists of a header which explains the sender's credentials and recipient (intended audience) information. Particular attention must be paid to the header titles so that information is grasped vividly. Below the title, there is a brief introduction, body, and then a conclusion.

    The opening statement is based on a declarative statement. The body then explains significant points that provide insights into the main objective of writing the memo. Finally, the conclusion is written at the end which summarizes the entire draft. A memo may also include statements aligning employees and the business's mutual interest while stressing a common ground and benefit.

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