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Chart Templates are known as pre-formatted chart design to make the creation of charts manageable. Designing charts can be a difficult task for someone without the knowledge and experience. Since many people tends to welcome access to pre-design charts which can be easily edited to suit customers’ needs.

What are the types of charts?

A chart is a figure or table that shows data in the form of symbols such as lines, graphs, bars, etc. Charts are widely used to help users understand data, create insight and information and to predict future trends. There are many different types of charts that show many different kinds of data.

There are many different kinds of charts, for example the following that are listed below:

  • Pie Chart: This is a chart in the shape of a circle that is cut into sections (similar to a slice of pie that you eat) each sections shows a percentage. Each section is usually label to makes it easier to understand. 
  • Point Chart: This type of chart is represented by points or dots. It is mostly used to locate trends or averages and usually shows large quantity of data.
  • Bar Chart: This is also known as a bar graph; it shows bars horizontally and vertically going across the chart with the values shown at the bottom of the chart. 
  • Column Chart:  They display bars vertically across the chart horizontally with values shown on the chart left hand side.
  • Flow Chart: They represents decisions and results shown in various shapes, Flowcharts shows a simple step-by-step chart that break down complex situations with questions and answer.
  • Gantt Chart: These charts help to envision schedules for projects. Each task is listed on the vertical axis and time periods are listed on the horizontal axis. The chart shows a horizontal bar for each task with the length of the bar showing the start to finish period.
  • Line Chart: Also known as a line graph, data is represented by a series of lines. It shows lines going across the chart horizontally with the values on the left-hand side of the chart.
  • Spark Lines: As the name suggest these are very small charts within a single cell in Microsoft Excel. Sparklines known as column and line sparklines are the two most common type.
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  • Why use Chart templates?

    Important advantages of using pre-prepared charts templates are:

    • Saves valuable time of having to prepare charts from scratch.
    • Decrease the work-load and stress of having to prepare charts from scratch.
    • Helps to prevent and eliminate mistakes as most charts templates are usually prepared by professionals with the relevant knowledge and qualification.
    • Makes it easier to understand for an individual that do not have much experience with preparing charts it is well labelled and layout.
    • It helps to save cost as instead of paying someone with the skills and qualification to prepare charts it can be downloaded for free or at a minimal cost.
    • It gives a professional presentation, well laid-out and organized as it is prepared mostly by professionals.
    • Some charts may need to follow certain standards, certain criteria and formats which an ordinary person might not have knowledge of.
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