Printable 2018 Calendar Templates

A calendar helps you keep track of the days in a year. However, it is used in a number of ways. For example, you can use it to track your work progress or monitor a certain goal. There are various ways through which you can make a calendar but it needs some skills. In this article, we have share tips to create the calendars for 2018. We also included some great calendar 2018 templates.

Creating a Calendar for 2018

If you want calendar for work, you would use a website or program. If you need a slick-looking calendar for your room or home, a calendar template in Excel or Word is a useful tool. It can help to quickly generate the calendar your need for your home business or department.

Customizing a Calendar

  1. Use a website offering customizable calendar
    Trying to find a calendar template. No worries, there are a number of websites offering hundreds beautifully designed and personalized calendars. You can even create your own calendar on few of these sites. If you don’t know such sites already, you can use “make a photo calendar” terms and alike to search for your preferred calendar site. Once you go to the site, look for the option through which you can create your own calendar.
  2. Import your desired images
    If you want to use any of the images already saved in your PC or system, simply import them in the calendar online using an upload feature of the site. You can also download the images from the net. Many people like to use their personal photos like family photos or images of their pets. No matter what picture do you use, make sure it fits well in your calendar.
  3. Decide the position of your images
    The online calendar sites also show you where you have to upload and fix the pictures. Many sites give you an option to place the images in a range of ways or as per the preference of the person who will go through it.
  4. Choose the calendar style
    Most of the sites give the options to choose form a range of layout and color theme for your calendar. Choose whatever you think is best for you. Browse through various options and click the one you like. There is no “ideal” style of calendar as there is an infinite number of options. Hence, choose the style that goes best with your personal preferences and do customization accordingly.

    2018 Monthly Calendar (Monday) February

    • Type: pdf
  5. Decide the calendar size
    Choose any size; however, standard size is 8.5 by 11 inches (22 by 28 cm). There is a certain limit of size on each website. Not all websites offer size options; therefore, check this feature first. Also, making a calendar larger than the standard size may cost you higher.
  6. Determine the calendar range
    You would want to make a calendar that can be used for as long as possible. If you are making it for a year, make sure it covers all the dates. Choose your setup wisely, if for example half of the year has passed or if a month is already about to an end, it is recommended to start from the following month.
  7. Add additional details or graphics, if required
    Many sites offer the options to add cute graphics and images of various kinds, or even smileys. Check this feature on the site first.
  8. Print or ship customized calendar
    Once you are done with selection, pay for it and decide whether you would like to print it or get it from the seller. If you have high-quality printer you can also print it yourself. If not, you need to get it shipped what adds some extra costs.

2018 Calendar Excel A3 portrait

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How to publishing your calendar online?
There are many ways in sharing your calendar online and it depends a little on the fact if your just want people to be able to see it online or also be able to edit or add extra information. There are many online solutions to share a calendar.

First choose the calendar format you need: Based on your purpose, select the online program or format to make your online calendar. If you want it for work purpose, MS Outlook can be considered. Various other kinds of software are also available like MS Excel or Google Calendar. The best formats are those that you can access both via desktop and mobile devices.

Creating a new calendar: The process of creating an online calendar is based on the program you use. If, for instance, you are using MS Word for making 2018 calendar, you have to go to File menu, then New, then Built-in and then Calendars option. Click on the desired style and here you go. Other programs have different process. Search online how to use the program if you don’t know already.

Print calendar 2018 A4 Portrait position in Excel

  • Type: xlsx

Save your calendar: Once you enter all months, dates and events in the calendar, save it. Upon “exit”, you will be asked by the program for saving the changes. Click Yes.

Share your calendar: Online calendars can easily be used for coordinating groups and departments. You can invite anyone to view the calendar, access it, customize it or make a note on it. This is done via calendar sharing feature that depends upon the format you are using. Some programs automatically send the calendar to the list you created, while some require you to add the yourself.

2018 Calendar Excel A4 size with notes

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2018 Marathon Calendar Excel

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