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Posted Monday, June 20, 2022 by Jan Steen (Last modified Monday, June 20, 2022)

A bathroom is a place that we use daily not even once, but multiple times. And it is the place in our homes that is vulnerable to bacteria and other microorganisms. It is true specifically when the bathroom is used by a huge number of people daily. Thus, it is always advisable to have a checklist for bathroom cleaning which can be used by cleaning staff so that they do not miss a thing. You can avail of numerous bathroom cleaning schedule templates online using which you can keep your bathroom neat.

What is a Bathroom Cleaning Checklist?

A bathroom cleaning checklist is a tool that management uses to maintain hygiene in the bathrooms in commercial establishments. Using this checklist, the cleaning staff can analyze and manage their performance by comparing their work to the bathroom checklist.

A printable bathroom cleaning checklist would help maintain bathroom aesthetics. And it is necessary for hygienic purposes because various strains of bacteria in unsanitary bathrooms can potentially cause diseases.

What should you include in the Bathroom Cleaning Checklist Template?

You make sure you do not miss anything to have the cleanest bathroom. As a result, the following items should be a part of your bathroom checklist template.

  • Disinfect the toilet
    Since toilets are the most used items in the bathroom, this task cannot be removed from the checklist. In addition, the bowl becomes dirty, and the froth forms a ring around the bowl. As a result, it becomes vital to sanitize the toilet daily.

  • Clean the shower & tub
    This is the most challenging task to do, especially if it is left untreated for more than a few days. As a result, it is an important part of the bathroom checklist template. While dealing with tiles and grout, you may have witnessed mold, water stains, and cracked cement.

  • Clean shower rings & rods
    The shower rings and curtain rods are the other items to clean. These are the locations that the cleaning crews are most likely to overlook. If this information is put in the log, it will be helpful to the staff in ensuring that this section is not ignored.

  • Clean the sink & sink fixtures
    Apart from the sink, the sink fittings and faucets must be well-cleaned. Use the preferred surface cleanser or you can even use the cleaners with a baking soda-based solution and leave it to settle for a few minutes. After that, rinse the sink and clean it with a paper towel.

  • Clean Drains
    Pay equal attention to the drains as you run water daily. The slower water drains, the more clogged the drain is. As a result, it is vital to clean it regularly. The task should never be left off the to-do list.

  • Polish mirrors
    After you clean the sink, you must start cleaning the mirrors. Clean mirrors make the bathroom look beautiful and neat.

  • Empty the trash cans & wastebaskets
    Before you start cleaning the bathroom floor, make sure that you empty the dust bins and trash cans and put them in new trash bags. Doing this is essential because when you are cleaning the dustbins, the trash may spill over the floor. So, always keep this task before mopping the floor on your checklist. Also, for wastebaskets, you can keep liners and all you have to do is change the liners.

  • Mop the floors
    It is the final task on your bathroom cleaning checklist after you have completed all of the others. Every few days, you can either vacuum or sweep the floor. You can include spraying the floor and wiping the tiles once a week. Because most bathrooms are too small, using a large mop is impractical. It is much easier to clean the floor with a bottle of spray and some rags.

Bathroom Cleaning Schedule

A bathroom is a place that must be cleaned regularly and its cleanliness requires close monitoring to avoid the spread of any disease. One should practice cleaning this place as it is beneficial for one’s health and soothes the eyes. You can set your cleaning plan on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to keep things simple. All of the small tasks that necessitate constant attention can be completed daily. Also, for the rest of the tasks, a proper schedule can be created. The remaining tasks can be done as needed. A free printable bathroom cleaning record can assist you in cleaning your bathrooms without difficulty.