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Posted Friday, November 27, 2020 by Jan Steen (Last modified Friday, November 27, 2020)

A contract is a legally binding document containing terms and conditions to be followed by all the parties involved. The nature of the contract is based on its purpose. For instance, when a company recruits a person, an employment contract is formed, containing all the employment terms.

Since the contract is legally binding, it has legal implications in case of a breach by either of the parties. If you want to know more about contacts, read the article below. Also, you can download the available samples on this page.

The Parties to the Contract

Every contract has its limitations regarding the parties. There are contacts like property contacts or project contracts where not everyone can be a party. For the contract to be valid, all the involving parties must be legally able to form that particular contract
  • Minors: A person having an age less than 18 years is a minor and cannot be a party to the contract.
  • Mentally Not Fit: A person having any mental disability cannot be a party to the contract.
  • Influence: If a person is under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not legally capable to be a party to the contract.

Purpose of the Contract

The main objective of the contract is to highlight and explain the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of all the parties involved, along with all the terms and conditions and implications in case of breach by either of the parties. The contract helps avoid misunderstanding and conflicts among the parties and is useful to resolve issues easily since all the terms are well-documented and signed by the parties to the contract. If any party breaches any term, it will be penalized as per the legal consequences mentioned. If you want to have a safety contract, you can download it on this page.

Getting Started

Drafting a contract is critically important if you are entering an agreement with any legally capable party. Follow the steps below to write your contract:
  • Know the purpose of your contract first.
  • Make sure you and the other party/parties are legally capable to enter the contract.
  • Include all important and relevant information about the contract.
  • Mention the contract terms and conditions.
  • Specifically mention the goods, services, properties, products, etc. being exchanged through the contract.

Download a sample contract available here to start writing a contract.

Tips That Make Contract Writing Easy

Follow these tips to create the rightly-formatted contract:
  • Adopt a clear and concise approach to write a contract.
  • Don’t use complex or technical words unnecessarily. If you have to do so, add an explanation in simple words.
  • Use both words and numerals for writing the numbers.
  • Proofread the contract draft various times to ensure the accuracy of the information and to avoid typos and errors.
  • Be consistent with all the terms and conditions used in the contract.

More contract samples are available on our website.