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Shippers Warehouse Job Description

What does Shipper job mean? Download this Shippers Warehouse Job Description template now for your reference.

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An effective and compelling logistics job description is vital when recruiting the right job candidates. By using a professional job description template, there is no need to start from scratch. It saves time, and by editing this job description template, you will be able to attract the most qualified job candidates for the open position. 

What does Shipper job mean?

This Job description explainer offers guidance on key sections that are important to include for clarity, as well as suggestions for promoting the position. It provides a list of duties, responsibilities, tasks, requirements, demands for setting job expectations and the employee's ability to perform the work as described. However, it’s often not construed as an exhaustive list of all functions, responsibilities, skills and abilities.

When writing a job description, consider the following:

  • Highlight the accurate job title;
  • Provide a general company introduction;
  • Provide an extract or introduction of the job with key goals or objectives;
  • Specify the relevant job duties and responsibilities that are necessary for this position;
  • List essential qualifications;
  • Be clear and concise in the description;
  • Have someone knowledgeable to proofread it;
  • Make sure that HR and the hiring manager will sign off before publishing it;
  • Define what success looks like in the position after 30 days, the first quarter, and the first year;
  • Provide direct contact details of the manager or HR department who will follow up on the candidates;
  • Publish it via several social media platforms, or offline media, so you are sure that in-house employees also can get easy access to it.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Shippers Warehouse?

The following duties, responsibilities and skills are important for this position:


  • Collate and process product orders.
  • Obtain scheduled shipment information from customer service/sales.
  • Prepare paperwork for shipments.
  • Pull correct inventory from storage.
  • Quality check products while picking and packing.
  • Verify orders are accurately filled.
  • Ensure correct packing techniques for outgoing merchandise.
  • Prepare bills of lading and maintain documentation of goods shipped.
  • Print shipment labels and customs documents where necessary.
  • Ensure shipments are properly identified and labeled.
  • Coordinate with delivery drivers to pick up shipments from the warehouse.
  • Check delivery drivers in and out through the day.
  • Provide outbound detail reports and bills of lading.
  • Ensure shipments are properly loaded into delivery and transport vehicles.
  • Track and update the status of outgoing shipments.


  • High School Diploma.
  • Proficient in relevant computer applications such as MS Word and Excel.
  • Working knowledge of relevant electronic equipment (scanners, electronic boards).
  • Ability to operate warehouse machinery such as forklifts.
  • Experience with relevant warehouse management system (WMS).
  • Adhere to shipping and inventory operating procedures.

Since well defined descriptions will attract more suitable candidates for the position, we recommend you to use this Shippers Warehouse job description sample. Customize it according to your needs, and then publish it directly to your page and network, you will soon start receiving Resumes and Cover letter from qualified candidates. This Shippers Warehouse Job Description template is fully customizable and can be used in Google Docs, MS Word format. Get this printable file now and personalize it according to your needs. If this is not the job description that fits your need, also have a look at many of our other examples of job description templates here.

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