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What is 6pm in military time? What is military time converter? Download this Military Time Converter for free right now.

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Military time is tracks time different from the standard 12 hour format. It tells the time in a 24 hours format where the new day begins at zero hundred hours (0000) and the day ends at twelve hundred hours (1200).

What is military time converter?

The Military is a well organized and serious organization, where especially time and timing matters. This can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. Military tends to use this 24 hours clock system to avoid confusion of AM and PM eg setting a clock for 6 AM instead of 6 PM. So instead of using 6PM military time will be 1800 hours. If you need a Military Time Converter to understand military time format and don't know where to look then don't worry, we have prepared a free Military Time Converter sheet for your reference.

For those looking for the difference between A.M. and P.M., these are abbreviations for respectively: Latin Ante Meridiem, meaning Before Noon (After Midnight) and P.M. is short for the Latin phrase Post Merīdiem meaning “after noon.” (or Past Midday). This means that 5 minutes after noon is 12:05 P.M. Past Midday.

Download this Military Time Converter for free and use it for your purpose. Browse our website for many more different kinds of template.

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