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  • Employment Offer Rejection Letter example document template

    Employment Offer Rejection Letter

    What should you include in your employment offer rejection letter? Now that you have this downloadable file, you can customize it to meet your requirements.

  • Employment Interview Rejection Letter example document template

    Employment Interview Rejection Letter

    How do you politely reject a candidate in a letter? There are several file formats available for download in any word processing system, including the rejection letter

  • Employment rejection letter sample example document template

    Employment rejection letter sample

    What is the most effective way to write a rejection letter for employment? This sample template can be easily download and edit the keywords to fit your needs.

  • Employer Rejection Letter example document template

    Employer Rejection Letter

    What should be included in an employer rejection letter? You can edit and print the rejection letter template using Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or Apple Pages.

  • Candidate rejection email example document template

    Candidate rejection email

    What are the steps in writing a letter of refusal for an employee? Regardless of your operating system, download this template in any of the available formats.

  • Job Rejection Letter example document template

    Job Rejection Letter

    If you want to reject an applicant politely, how should you do it? We've prepared a rejection letter template in Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

  • Email Rejection Response Letter example document template

    Email Rejection Response Letter

    How to reply to a rejection letter? What is the best way to reply to a rejection email? Use this response template to write your own personalized response.

  • Job Application Withdrawal Letter example document template

    Job Application Withdrawal Letter

    How to withdraw yourself from recruitment of a job position politely? For a personalized rejection letter, just use this refusal of continuation job offer.

  • Job Rejection Email example document template

    Job Rejection Email

    What is the polite way to reject a job offer? Take advantage of this downloadable file and customize it to suit your needs.

  • Rejection Scholarship Letter Template example document template

    Rejection Scholarship Letter Template

    How to politely reject a scholarship request letter? The scholarship decline letter template is fully editable and can be used in Word, Google Docs. etc..