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Sample letter of apology

Since a sincere apology letter goes well with it, you can literally start with "I'm sorry..." or "I apologize for..." and then be specific about the purpose of the apology. If you don't really feel sorry for what you've done, the whole exercise is in vain. It smells of insincere. You must express your remorse sincerely, especially in the opening remarks.

  • Example Of Reference Letter example document template

    Example Of Reference Letter

    Looking for an Example of Reference Letter? Our PDF templates will guide you in creating a professional reference letter, highlighting skills and work experience for students and colleagues. Download now.

  • Offer Letter example document template

    Offer Letter

    Impress your potential hires with a professionally designed Offer Letter. Easily customize the details such as name and Humber while ensuring legal compliance. Download a free Offer Letter template now!

  • Letter Of Interest example document template

    Letter Of Interest

    Download our customizable Letter of Interest template in PDF format. Show your interest in services or inquire for information professionally.

  • Sample letter of acceptance

    An offer of admission is a written confirmation from one party after accepting an offer or invitation from the other party. An official written offer of admission is an official document that can be used as legal or professional reference. Can be issued when accepting social invitations, accepting scholarships, completing business or insurance payment settlements, completing negotiations, etc. A letter of acceptance means that you have responded positively to the second party's promises they may have made or had to offer. Below are descriptions and some examples of popular approval notices.

  • Letter Of Intent example document template

    Letter Of Intent

    Get started on your business deal with our Letter of Intent template. Create a formal written agreement including specific details of parties, code, and country. Download now in docx.

  • Thank You Letter example document template

    Thank You Letter

    Download our Thank You Letter templates in PDF and show your gratitude to your interviewer for their time. Get the top position with a perfect Thank You letter.

  • Job Application Cover Letter example document template

    Job Application Cover Letter

    Create a professional and compelling Job Application Cover Letter to impress any hiring manager. Download now for free our Buckingham Executive Sales Letter Template.

  • Sample letter of thanks

    You can make writing your thank you letter even easier with a free PDF thank you letter template. This editable template comes with a default thank you letter format, so all you have to do is customize some wording to suit your needs. If you need help accessing the print version, check out this handy troubleshooting guide.

  • Manager example document template


    Looking for a new Manager role? Create a standout cover letter with our Manager Cover Letter Templates. Instantly download and impress any company.

  • Letter Of Intent example document template

    Letter Of Intent

    Download our customizable and easy-to-use graduate Letter of Intent template, perfect for MGSP and other programs. Impress with a professional, well-written letter.

  • To Whom It May Concern Letter example document template

    To Whom It May Concern Letter

    Download our professionally-written "To Whom It May Concern" Letter Template for Placement and Student Applications. Impress your potential employer today!

  • Resume Cover Letter Example example document template

    Resume Cover Letter Example

    Get hired for your dream job with our Resume Cover Letter Example. Showcase your skills and experience with a professional and compelling letter. Download now in PDF format.