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Sample contract for a software project.

There are many custom software development contract templates online that you can use to create simple software development contracts. However, be sure to read the template to make sure it fully complies with your terms. Have an attorney review it again to make sure it doesn't contain any hidden terms or terms that have nothing to do with you.

  • Employee Letter Of Recommendation example document template

    Employee Letter Of Recommendation

    Boost your employee's career with our customizable, legally-binding Employee Letter Of Recommendation. Download now for free!

  • Offer Letter example document template

    Offer Letter

    Make a great first impression with our professional Offer Letter Template. Offer intended legal advice for internships and future endeavors. Download now!

  • Employee Letter Of Recommendation example document template

    Employee Letter Of Recommendation

    Need an impressive Employee Letter of Recommendation? Our legal and professional templates guide your words to endorse excellence. Download PDF for free!

  • Sample contract for a data analysis project.

    Before submitting a request, the researcher should discuss with the data provider how to negotiate. Does the data provider have an iterative process? Will they refute the request or repeat the request? If part of the request is rejected, does the rest continue, or is the entire request returned? Do data providers require IRB or ethics committee review and approval, or are researchers required to obtain their institution's IRB approval before requesting or accessing data? What is the signature process for all parties? Who has the authority to sign on behalf of the researcher or data provider's organization? Will data providers require background checks on researchers?

  • Roommate Agreement Template example document template

    Roommate Agreement Template

    What are good rules for roommates and how to set boundaries? Download this sample Roommate Agreement template now for your convenience when you have a new roommate.

  • Thesis Paragraph Template example document template

    Thesis Paragraph Template

    How to format a thesis? This thesis paragraph template includes sections for the following format. Download this Thesis Paragraph Template now.

  • Paragraph Format example document template

    Paragraph Format

    How to write an effective essay, story or thesis? Plan your writing is an important skill in order to write a successful piece. Download this paragraph format now.

  • Memo Format example document template

    Memo Format

    How to make a Memo? Memos are usually written in three parts, an introduction, a discussion and a conclusion. Download this Memo format now for your convenience

  • Au Pair Placement Contract example document template

    Au Pair Placement Contract

    How to create an Au Pair Placement Contract? What is an au pair? Download this Au Pair Placement Contract template now for your convenience.

  • Remote Document Review Attorney Job Description example document template

    Remote Document Review Attorney Job Description

    How do I write a Remote Document Review Attorney Job Description? Download this Remote Document Review Attorney Job Description template for your reference.

  • Paralegal Job Description example document template

    Paralegal Job Description

    How do I write a Paralegal Job Description? Download this Paralegal Job Description template now for your reference.