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Better job descriptions attract better candidates. Optimized for job board approval and SEO, our 800+ job description templates boost exposure, provide inspiration and speed up hiring. Take a look at our free downloadable examples with industry specific content examples.  Most of our job description templates are reusable models that can be tailored to detail the specific requirements, responsibilities, job duties, and skills required. It  includes a list of common tasks, equipment or tools (software) used, who the role needs to reports to, and the overall goals of the role. A clear and engaging job description is key to attract and hire the right talent. By putting sufficient attention,  effort and strategy, you can create a highly effective job description to have suitable candidates apply right away. To create an effective job description for a job position, you must include a mix of required skills, a realistic description of the role, the company’s culture, and a tad bit of marketing. Writing job descriptions can sometimes be a difficult and time-consuming task especially for someone without the relevant skill or experience. As such many people welcome pre-prepared job templates that can be easily edit to suit their own needs as this is of major help.

What are the essentials of a good job description?

All the components of a job description must be stated clearly and accurately. The following hints can further assist in the process of creating a detailed yet concise document that makes understanding the role easier.

  • Always adopt a direct style and use easy words, keeping the sentences as short and easy to understand as possible. 
  • Avoid using acronyms as not everyone is familiar with them
  • Try using as many descriptive verbs as possible such as “provides,” “performs,” etc.
  • While it is important to use descriptive verbs, they must not be used ambiguously. Therefore if you choose to use the word “assists,” also clarify how the position would assist.
  • Make sure to not use gender-specific language such as “he should” or “she should”.

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    Best Job Description Template

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  • job-description-template
    > template > Job Description Template

    Job Description Template

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    > template > Construction Site Manager Job Description

    Construction Site Manager Job Description

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  • What should you include in a job description?

    Job descriptions are very important when listing a job opening as it provides an applicant with the duties, requirements, responsibilities, skills, qualifications etc. of the job opening. It is said to be a very important part when creating a job listing. A well written job description benefits both the applicant and the recruiter. Writing the perfect job description helps to find the most suitable applicant for the job, it helps applicants to decide if they are suitable for the position, if they are capable of handling the position and if they are comfortable with the positions before they apply, as such it saves valuable time for both the applicant and the recruiter and makes the selection process easier for the recruiter. Some points must be included in a job description to make it effective. Some are listed below:

    The following categories are important when making a job description:

    • Job title: Full title of the job- This job title is a usually a brief description that reflects the content of the job. This should state a clear and precise job position, for example such as “Chief Operating Officer”.
    • Job summary: This should be inclusive of a short description of the company followed by the position expectations and job location. Detail summary of the job- This gives an overview of the role, the level and the scope of the job.
    • Job responsibilities: This one should include the core duties of a job. Full list of duties & responsibilities- This describes the fundamentals overall nature of the job role.
    • Skills and qualifications: Here, you can include requirements such as education, past work experience, any necessary certifications, technical skills, and personal qualities. Academic Experience needed for the role- This state the mandatory or optional experience needed for the job. Academic Qualification needed for the role- This state the necessary qualifications need for the job. Or any specific skills needed for the role- This state any special skills or talent required for the job.
    • Salary and additional benefits: Here, you must specify a certain range of income you can offer to the candidate. Moreover, you should also include any relevant benefits such as the number of annual leaves, medical coverage, provident fund, etc.
    • Contact details: explain the hiring procedure.

    What should you not include in a Job Description?

    Being mysterious is not something that attracts potential candidates. The job duties and title should be clear enough to describe what is expected of a potential candidate. As a recruiter, you must always mention the necessary documents required for a certain position, such as educational documents, licenses, pay slips for the last job, etc.

    Moreover, apart from using gender-neutral language, you must also ensure that there is zero bias in the description of a job. For example, mentioning that you require a salesperson with five years of experience excludes any other young potential talent. Similarly, using terms such as “salesmen” or “saleswomen” is also discriminatory and should ideally be avoided.

    Additionally, avoid mentioning unrealistic or impractical tasks as they put off many people who may have been a good addition to the organization otherwise. 

    Last but not least, do not make the tone negative even if you do not wish to hire a certain category of individuals. Avoid using sentences such as “people with less than ten years of work experience will not be considered,” as it makes your brand look unfriendly.

  • What is a job description?

    A job description summarizes the responsibilities, activities, qualifications and skills for a role at an organization. Also known as a JD, the document describes the type of work performed.

    How to create your own job description (JD) template for internal usage?

    • Create a space for the job title using square brackets with the "Job Title" placeholder in bold. Often a header size is used.
    • Leave some space open under the title, then create the heading "Reports To" in bold.
    • Under your "Reports To" heading, type out a generic sentence stating who the role reports to. Use square brackets with placeholders for the job title and the position being reported to.
    • Create the heading "Job Overview" in bold and leave a blank space under the heading where a brief description can be written.
    • Create the heading "Responsibilities and Duties" in bold with 5-8 bullet points below it.
    • Create the heading "Qualifications" in bold, also with 5-8 bullet points below it.
    • Save your template with a clear title where authorized personnel can access it.
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    Recruitment Manager Job Description

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    Web Admin Job Description

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  • Advantages of Job Description Templates

    Advantages of using sample job description templates are:

    • Saves valuable time of having to prepare job description from scratch.
    • Decrease the work-load and stress of having to prepare job description from scratch.
    • Helps to prevent and eliminate mistakes as most job description is usually prepared by professionals.
    • It saves cost as instead of paying someone with the skills and qualification to prepare the job description needed as it can be easily downloaded for free or at a minimal cost.
    • It gives your business a professional presentation, is usually well laid-out and organized as it is prepared mostly by professionals.
    • Job descriptions may need to follow certain standards, meet certain criteria or formats that a person without certain skills and qualifications might not have knowledge of.
  • venture-firm-analyst-job-description
    > template > Venture Firm Analyst Job Description

    Venture Firm Analyst Job Description

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    Utilization Review Nurse Job Description

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    Cybersecurity Specialist Job Description

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