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  • Employee suggestion forms example document template

    Employee suggestion forms

    What to write on an Employee suggestion form? What improvements would you suggest? Download this suggestions form here.

  • Employee Verbal Resignation Confirmation example document template

    Employee Verbal Resignation Confirmation

    When someone resigns verbally, is written confirmation needed? To write your resignation confirmation, just download this ready-made resignation response here.

  • Employee Loan Application example document template

    Employee Loan Application

    What is a benefit of obtaining a loan from company? Depending on the operating system you are using, you can easily download this sample letter template.

  • Formal Resignation Letter Employment example document template

    Formal Resignation Letter Employment

    What is the best way to write a resignation letter for an employee? The sample template below can be easily customized and edited to meet your needs.

  • Disciplinary Action Form example document template

    Disciplinary Action Form

    Charge sheets: how do you create them? For a personalized employee charge sheet, just download and print this printable template.

  • Employee Appraisal from HR example document template

    Employee Appraisal from HR

    In what ways can you write a good appraisal for an employee? No matter what kind of system you are using, you can easily download this sample template in any of the available file formats.

  • Employee Appointment Confirmation example document template

    Employee Appointment Confirmation

    What is the format for an appointment confirmation letter? Now that you have this downloadable file, you can customize it as you see fit.

  • Employee Activity Report example document template

    Employee Activity Report

    What should you write in an activity report? Take a look at this printable activity report template and use it as a guide for writing your own.

  • Employee Accident Report Form example document template

    Employee Accident Report Form

    In what format should I write an incident report for an employee? Adapt this downloadable file to your needs now by downloading it. Also can be easily modified.

  • Resignation letter by email example document template

    Resignation letter by email

    What are the best ways to announce the resignation of an employee? There is a resignation letter template available for Google Docs and Microsoft Word format.